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Tarot Scopes September 11-25

about 1 year ago

Aries: here is something wrong, perhaps because you have not taken enough care or because at the moment you can live with the fact that something isn’t functioning properly. Decide for yourself how important the matter really is. If it is due to lack of thoroughness, then make up for it, otherwise just accept the loss, changes and letting go can bring about these experiences.

Taurus: Order, structure and planning are the subjects which should be put first. It may be that projects have to be organized or just simply that things have to be put straight. Think it over, plan things carefully or put them in order without reacting hard or rigid.

Gemini: You can consider yourself to be fortunate. A zest for life, a new beginning and optimism will accompany you through your day. It may be that you feel like a new person and that your strength has been awakened to a new life. Simply take delight in this new feeling, be open for new things.

Cancer: You will have an affectionate encounter with someone and naturally you will be delighted with this encounter. It might just be a pleasant meeting or a telephone call, but something, which could bear fruit in the future, could also be behind it. Enjoy this meeting, but try not to think about it too much or to hold on to the moment, possible developments will arise quite naturally.

Leo: You could be plagued by fears and worries; you might even rack your brains over something. Such an intensive altercation is sometimes necessary even if it gives rise to an unpleasant feeling. Accept this feeling, as long as you consider it to be necessary, so as to be consciously aware of the negative. Don’t lose yourself within this feeling, but, on the contrary, try to bask yourself in the sun of it.

Virgo: Your personal and material well-being will be put first. You are materially independent, ambitious and perhaps slightly selfish. Keep yourself separate from the outside world, promote and enjoy your success and your independence, but be careful you don’t act in an unnecessarily or excessively selfish manner.

Libra: Something crucial will happen to you . What ever the case allow yourself the feeling of having reached a new level. Take the last necessary step in this direction, be pleased about the result, but beware of arrogance or condescending behavior.

Scorpio: You have to defend yourself against something which you thought you had already conquered. The results of a former dispersing of energy are now trying to catch you up. It is most probably to do with an unfinished matter which you have forgotten about.

Sagittarius: Openness and spontaneity are the subjects which play a special role for you. Get involved in a small adventure, experiment a bit with different possibilities in your life, but be careful you don’t sink into chaos.

Capricorn: You will toy with different possibilities relating to a matter with which you are occupied. You may do this consciously or perhaps you are just undecided. Give your action or your indecision enough room for experimenting and for reflection, until you have reached your decision, but be careful you don’t get stuck in this unsettled position, afraid of having to do without something.

Aquarius: You will meet someone who will criticize you out of the blue, or someone who is moody. You may find this behavior high-handed or as overstepping the bounds. Try to appreciate the openness and honesty that is connected with this behavior. Be open to criticism, but be careful you are not at the mercy of moodiness and caprice just to be manipulated.

Pisces: You are occupied with a subject which repeatedly plays a role in your life and which is perhaps a burden. There might be the possibility of change which will help you out of the vicious circle which has been restricting you for a long time. Look carefully to find out what it is all about and use this opportunity to change something without automatically submitting to would-be fate. Your own fate lies in the palm of your hand.