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Your Card of the Day

10 months ago

Hi guys, Angels showed me Card of the Day which is The Moon, this card is connected actually with Archangel Haniel and mean important psychic insights.Events behind the scenes.Release fears that hold you back Love and light .George

10 months ago
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Psychic Future Visions (seekingpeace)

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In a GENERAL sense, yes, though what I find that card generally means beyond the scope of events behind the scenes – lies and deceptions, and things NOT being as they appear. When the moon shows up in a spread, it can be you not seeing things out of depression or not having the whole story of the situation or Scope of your knowledge, but it always means lies. Whether it is one lying to oneself or others lying to you or about you, and being crafty behind the scenes! It isn’t generally thought of as a positive card, though one can never take one card and give a full reading, the entire reading must be based on ALL the cards that fall and in what POSITION they FALL in. If one card is in a different position, this can and usually does change the entire outlook of the spread and the reading! Tarot is not as clear as all that.