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Spiritual message for 06 09 2017

about 1 year ago

God is described in the scriptural texts as, Raso vai sah – “He is the sweet essence.” How can sweetness ever become bitter? Godhead is a spotlessly clean mirror; you see in it your own reflection. When you have terror-striking propensities, the reflection you see will strike terror in you. When you have soft and harmless propensities, the reflection will be tender and soft. Do not lay the blame on God, as you are often prone to doing! When everything goes right, you say that God has come close to you; when something goes wrong, you say that God has deserted you and gone afar! He does not move far or near. The distance from Him to you is as much as the distance from you to Him. He is everywhere. He always is in your heart. Recognise Him there; realise Him as the closest and nearest to you. He is your own Self, neither terrible nor tender, but, simply is.