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Spiritual message for 02 09 2017

about 1 year ago

People repose their faith in such a frail and impermanent physical body. This body is like a puppet with nine holes in it, and it may collapse at any time with a mere sneeze. Reposing their faith in such a perishable body, people forget the invaluable ornaments stored in it. That is the reason why you suffer mental agitation. You go to a millionaire and enquire, “Sir! You have everything in this world; but do you have peace?” He will immediately reply, “I have everything but not peace.” Wherever you see in this world today, there are only ‘pieces’, not ‘peace’. Peace is very much in your inner self. Hence search for it by means of an inward journey. That is your duty. Unfortunately you forget this sacred duty and desire for paltry and mean things. When you are able to manifest your own innate noble qualities, you can experience true and eternal peace.