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Astrology & the Chakras

about 1 year ago

When someone is looking for a romantic partner they rarely think about how astrology and chakras go together in a relationship.

When you look at the North Node and South Node it usually tells you the lessons you’re learning with a partner.

If I take the North Node in Sagittarius and place it in the Sacral Chakra and South Node in Gemini, what you have is specific lessons between the throat chakra (Virgo & Gemini) and the Sacral Chakra (Neptune in Pisces & Jupiter in Sagittarius).

The throat chakra is all about standing in your personal truth, and communicating your authentic thoughts and feelings without threat, intimidation, fear, and speaking in a clam, effective manner, diplomatic, with clarity, with positive intention. Perfecting communication.

Now Saturn in Virgo or Saturn in Gemini can place a huge emphasis on this area if it’s one of your weaknesses. You may be in a certain situation where you are forced to learn to communicate in public settings, in email, text, writing skills, on air in podcasts, and you must get past all your fears, insecurities, and be able to communicate instead of being silent, and letting others silence you with their threats, intimidation, and controlling behavior.

Perhaps they’re instilling fear in you and expect you to stay quiet.

The solar plexus: Is ruled by Mars (Aries & Scorpio) So you may be learning about creativity, what are you co-creating and creating in your relationships. Are you controlling another individual, getting in their way of creating the life they desire? Are they getting in your way? Are you working as a team to create a healthy environment in the home, in your work life, in your relationship, in parenting, in your education, in your finances. Are you sharing equal power, or one more dominate than the other?

This is the way both of you bounce on the earth. Fight, argue, stand up for yourselves, assert yourselves. Work and Play. It’s where your creativity becomes your artistic talent in love, work, and relationships. What exactly are you creating? A Negative or Positive environment?

Saturn in Aries or Saturn in Scorpio can force one to confront their power, control, and Dominate vs. Submissive roles.

The Sacral Chakra (Jupiter rules Sagittarius & Pisces) It is the kundalini, sexual energy. What you see here is Jupiter expansion or contraction. If out of balance one can be to open with sexual encounters, or be celibate.

Usually the North Node and South Node will flip the other way, once an individual has self-mastered their soul lessons or should have during those transits. It maybe with many individuals taking part, friends, lovers, family, co-workers, but when Saturn is hitting that specific area of your Chakra’s, you’ll see you’re learning specific lessons in all your relationships.

Since we’ve been in Saturn in Sagittarius this would emphasize or belief systems about sex, creation, and what find our authentic truth. When it comes to the North Node in Sagittarius it may be putting more weight on a personal level of what they’re learning this lifetime in a relationship about sex, being educated in that area, and what their soul is evolving into this lifetime. Neptune in Pisces transits may be dissolving the illusions, the fantasy, the fiction of what sex really is about in the personal journey and the relationship. Sagittarius and Pisces are all about natural law and divine pure love. While we may have our personal beliefs, they can also be conditioned by society, and we may not have the accurate answers, or have false beliefs.

The other part may be learning the same lessons with you if their North Node is the same, or maybe completely different according to their North Node and South Node. You may be teaching them in different areas.