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Spiritual message for 27 08 2017

11 months ago

Those who are trying to build the human community on a foundation of wealth (dhana), are building on sand; those who seek to build it on the rock of righteousness (dharma) are the wise. Dharma moolam idham jagath: Righteousness and duty is the root of this world. Obey it and you are happy. The evil man is a coward, haunted by fear. He has no peace within him. Respect for the parents, who started you in life and brought you into this world to gather the vast and varied treasure of experience, is the first lesson that Dharma teaches. Gratitude is the spring which feeds that respect. It is a quality that is fast disappearing in the world today. Respect for parents, teachers, elders and the wise are all on the decline. People talk loud and long in all kinds of platforms about right conduct, love, peace, compassion, truth, etc. and these get published in the newspaper next day, and there their purpose ends. Put into practice at least a fraction of what you preach.