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Spiritual message for 21 08 2017

about 1 year ago

The Lord is so full of Grace that He willingly guides and guards all who surrender to Him. When the battle with Ravana was over, one glance from Lord Rama’s merciful eye was enough to revive the monkeys who had fallen on the ground, and to heal the wounds they earned during the war. Some demons had penetrated into the monkey camp in disguise; they were brought before Rama for summary punishment! Lord Rama smiled and pardoned them, for they assumed the monkey form which was so dear to Him; He sent them away, unharmed! That was the measure of His mercy. To win the Lord’s bounteous grace, you must become permeated with righteousness (dharma) so that every act is God-worthy. With the sharp chisel of intellect (buddhi), shape the mind (manas) into a perfect image of Dharma-murthi, the idol (or embodiment) of righteousness. Then you will shine with the splendour of the Divine. That is the task you should dedicate yourself to today.