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Spiritual message for 19 08 2017

about 1 year ago

Many people waste time discussing the superiority of one path over another, especially between karma, bhakti and jnana margas. These three paths – Work, Worship and Wisdom – are complementary, not contradictory. Work is like the feet, Worship, the hands, and Wisdom, the head. These three must co-operate. Bhakti marga is the name given to the path of surrender to the Lord’s will (saranagathi), the merging of the individual will in the Divine Will. Lakshmana is the classic example of this spirit of surrender that saves. Once during his exile in the forest, Rama asked Lakshmana to put up a thatched-hut on a site of his choice. Lakshmana was shocked and was struck down with grief. He pleaded with Rama: “Why do you ask me to select the site? Don’t you know that I have no will of my own. You decide and I obey; you command, I carry out the order.” That is real surrender, acquired by constant practice of detachment.