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Spiritual message for 15 08 2017

about 1 year ago

Today is Gokulashtami, Krishna’s birthday. Celebrating it with special dishes is not that important. More important is adherence to Krishna’s teachings. Where was Lord Krishna born? In a prison! What were his possessions? Nothing! Born in a prison, He was taken to the house of Nanda and then to Mathura. He owned nothing. But He became the greatest leader in the world. What does this show? Worldly possessions are not the secret of achieving greatness. Krishna’s greatness was in his permanent state of bliss (Ananda). Lord Krishna gave a perennial message to the world – He sought and kept nothing for Himself, but gave away everything. He slayed his maternal uncle, Kamsa, but did not covet the kingdom; he installed on the throne Kamsa’s father Ugrasena. He helped the Pandavas defeat Kauravas and crowned Dharmaja as the emperor. He was the king of kings who rules the hearts of millions!

about 1 year ago
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