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Spiritual message for 31 07 2017

11 months ago

The study of texts might remove some wrong notions and induce some right resolutions. But it cannot confer the vision of Reality. Meditation is key to the Atmic treasure which is your real wealth. Your ego always obstructs, even when you meditate. When Sister Nivedita asked for advice from Swami Vivekananda on how to gain one-pointedness during meditation, he said, “Do not allow Margaret Noble to come between you and God!” Margaret Noble was herself. Nivedita means ‘offering’. So Swami Vivekananda advised, “Offer yourself fully to God.” This total offering cannot emerge from scholarship. The scholar is polluted by ego; he delights in tabulating pros and cons, raises doubts, disturbs faith and mixes secular and worldly matters with spiritual. Many worship God for worldly gains. Prayers to God must be for spiritual progress. Therefore, cultivate virtues without delay and be free from evil habits, thoughts, words and deeds. Grow in love. This is the way to Ananda (bliss).