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Spiritual message for 14 07 2017

about 1 year ago

The spiritual aspirant’s objective should be to be mentally ready for the realisation of Godhead, at any given moment. That is to say, the heart must be cleansed of despair, freed from hesitation and doubt, and open to the waves of bliss that surge in from all sides of God’s Universe. Love brings the waves in, ever expansive as they are! The path you tread depends on the principles you believe in! Follow good principles, you will be led along to reap good fruits. Adhere to Divine directives with faith and sincerity. That will help you realise the purpose of your life. Since every act has its appropriate reaction, beware of evil intentions, wicked words, acts that harm others and therefore harm you. I desire that you must always tread the path of goodness and achieve good results in life. Live so well, such that, you revere every being as moving temples of the Divine.