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Spiritual message for 25 06 2017

about 1 year ago

Islam means surrender to God. It teaches that God’s Grace can be won through justice and righteous living; and not through wealth, scholarship or power. All who in a spirit of surrender and dedication, live in peace and harmony in society are in fact, followers of Islam. Islam insists on full co-ordination between thought, word and deed. Muslim holy men and sages have been emphasizing the need to inquire into the validity of the ‘I’ which feels it is the body and the ‘I’ which feels it is the mind, and reach the conclusion that the real ‘I’ is the self yearning for the Omni Self, God. During the Ramzan month, the fast and the prayers are to awaken and manifest this realisation. No matter which religion you follow, remember that the emphasis should be on unity, harmony and equal-mindedness. Therefore cultivate love, tolerance and compassion, and demonstrate this Truth in daily activity. This is the message I give you with My blessings.