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Spiritual message for 12 06 2017

about 1 year ago

Today, physical comfort, individual advancement and personal progress are held as desirable goals. Though everyone cares about themselves only, nobody can live in isolation. Suppose one is sitting at a dinner table with sumptuous food served. If he learns at that time that his child is injured in a road-accident, won’t he rush to the road, without caring for hunger and delicious food? The call of loved ones is louder and stronger than any call from within. Despite this fact, people continue to believe in their ego, in exclusive individuality. The family is essential for the blossoming of human personality. For homes to flourish, a community is needed to keep it safe and happy. When the activities of safeguarding or sustaining society is rendered weak, families tend to disintegrate and individuals suffer! So you must share your knowledge, empathy, and love with one and all.