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Hi my name is DeArnna. I’m a Intuitive and experienced Tarot Card Reader. I use my Spirit guides and my angels to help give you the most accurate answers to your questions and concerns. I can do timelines when they’re given to me. I am honest, compassionate and non-judgemental. I do not sugarcoat things and I tell them as I see them. I do not give you false hope. I specialize in relationship readings! I can look into how they are feeling toward you, whats the obstacles and where its most likely headed! I get clear to the point of your questions! I am rated 5 stars in my own business! You wont be disappointed! I am Clairvoyant, Clairaudient and also Telepathic. My tarot cards and my pendulum are my go-to tools to give you the most insightful reading and help guide you on your path!


Tarot is my go to tool to help give you clear and detailed insight into your situation! I have a great understanding of what your feeling and can provide you clarity that you need to know in your situation so that you can spiritual grow and evolve! I also go by my intuition because each person has different energies and different situations. I use my psychic abilities to give you a detailed and accurate reading with whatever you are looking into. I can pick up names surrounding you and your energy as well. I have had many satisfied clients with my own business. I can tell you what the challenges are, where the situation is headed and what you can expect. I am telepathic and an empath as well, so I can feel things very deeply around other people and what they may be thinking. I love helping people see things more clearly and guide them in the right direction!

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