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NO MORE FREE READINGS! Payment requested before I start telling my reading! Born medium,clairvoyant and Witch.I’m 30 years old and for the past 26 years, I have increased the scope of my gifts. I primary have flashes and visions during my consultations and I also help people on a regular basis, either with my predictions by divination, through my premonitions, my empathy or just by doing a ritual.

I also read cards, as well as tarot and oracle cards, and I use the pendulum and runes as divination support. I do also clairvoyance with fire and water.

You can count on me to always be honest and direct about what I perceive. My goal is not to say things that will just please you, but to bring you the truth and honest answers to the questions that may struggle you. Allow me to illuminate your pathway as I have done for many others and as we embark on an insightful journey that will give you the answers that you have been looking for. Hope to help you soon, Blessed be!


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*Please note that I give ONLY chat service for now (without cam) as I have some technical issues with it. Also, please, if you are not ready to know the TRUTH, don’t contact me as I say ONLY what I feel or see and NOT what you want to hear!

I have been psychic and witch all my life and my gifts come from both side of my family. Although I have expand the scope of my gifts, they aren’t something that I’ve learned by taking a class or by learning in a book.

I have, however, a degree in Business/Human Resources and I’m starting a new one in Psychology. I consider that these degrees are an addition to the service I can offer.

And my degree in Business/Human Resources, along with my work experience in these fields, can provide you an extra help to everything related to work or concerning a change of career.


I had my first premonition when I was 4 years old and was doing spells without even knowing what it was exactly. I started to have flash when touching someone or something, as well as being able to see and talk to spirits.

I was considered dead 5 times in total; one for 6 minutes when I was born, 10 minutes at the age of 7, 12 minutes at the age of 23, another 10 minutes at 27 and for about 3 minutes again in November 2013. Although I was already being able to make contact with the other side, these experiences had increase my ability to do it.

I started using tarot cards at the age of 9 years old and have worked with this support since then, as well as cards, runes and pendulums, depending on what I feel on a reading. Although I principally have flashes and visions during my reading, I can honestly say that these tools have been a great addition through time, specially when I have low energy.

I’ve always knew that I wanted to help people and my gifts always provide me the right tools to do what I love with honesty.

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