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★ Confused? Get some truth and clarity today! ★

❤ Honest, Fast and Accurate ❤

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Top 5 star Psychic Reader specializing in love, soul mate, twin flame readings. What Spirit & my guides give me, I pass to you, unedited. Am a bottom-line, no-nonsense Reader.

I dont do spells and don’t usually give specific time frames. I work as quickly and always give you what my Guides give me, good or bad news. I will help you understand what is going on and will always help you find answers honestly and quickly. I do not normally give time frames, unless my guides give me that information and I do not do medical readings.

❤ I do not give free answers and free readings and I don’t participate in test the psychic respect me as I will respect you and your time :)

★ I do not offer any $10.00 specials ★ No per-minute only specials prepaid ★

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Certified Reiki Master, Master Psychic Reader with over 35 years experience DanitaWindsong specializes in Soul Mate and Twin Flame Readings. Gifted Medium Reader.

Let DanitaWindsong actually DO your Reading, try not to pepper questions during the time we are Reading for you as her gifted 5 guides are giving DanitaWindsong so much information and clarity and all of your questions will be answered. There will be time at the end to ask any questions… But give DanitaWindsong time and opportunity to actually Read. More than likely we will answer ALL of your questions before you need to ask, at the end. DanitaWindsong is not and doesnt pretend to be a warm and fuzzy Reader :) Bottom line is your Reading will be done with complete honesty and accuracy and great details! And she goes fast!!


★ No per-minute ~ only specials prepaid, Please don’t ask ★ ★ 10% OFF Special Today ask when you come in ★

Over 35 years experience I am a top 5 Star Reader on several well known Psychic networks with over 8000 5 star ratings and I own my own website and have a huge private practice of my personal clients.

Are you confused and need clarity? Do you want to know how he or she feels about you and is thinking about you and the connection? Do you need to know where the connection is heading and what you can do to create more intimacy and peace? And are you looking for a VERY detailed honest reading?

Many of my clients have called my Readings Reality Checks! My guides are so so detailed and the honesty and truth may surprise you or catch you off guard so be ready for the truth ~ whatever that truth might be…

I work with clients worldwide to find the clarity they need in order to make the best decisions for their future including matters of the heart, finances, business and interpersonal relationships. Note that I am definitely a NO-NONSENSE looking to hear fairy tales, I am NOT the advisor for you * If the truth is difficult for you to hear I am most definitely not the Advisor for you!

I do not read for other Advisors and I do not sugarcoat in my Readings, I am a no-nonsense Reader. And if the absolute truth is not comfy for you, I am definitely not the Reader for you. My Readings are brutally honest and I dont soft pedal readings.

I do NOT normally give time frames as life changes too quickly and easily, so please do not ask me for time frames* No Refunds, once I am hired I do not give refunds

Please note: please take a moment to register on the site if you haven’t already. I do not read for unregistered clients, please register its free, before coming in! *

Note: I will lead the first few minutes to gather the info my guides and I need from you before beginning your reading… once I have your question/concern – I will let you know how much time we need to start your reading… I do not do 5 minute readings, my readings are VERY detailed… so please be prepared to do a block of time special to begin! We can always add by the minute if you need more time…

  • LGBT Friendly:)
  • Blocks of time must be used at time of purchase**
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