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Rachel Mai: An incredibly accurate reader who truly cares about you


Rachel Mai has been well known for 26 years in Europe and the US as "The Reader’s Reader", and "The Healer’s Healer". Have a reading with Rachel to receive information from your guides on all areas of your life.

Rachel Mai a reader who is well known through hundreds of radio and TV appearances cares about you and your life.

Working with your guides, Ascended Masters, Angels, and the Creator, Rachel will bring you the truth on all matters.

Unsurpassed for accuracy and life-changing healing energies, )Rachel has worked with thousands and can help you as much as she has helped others.

Pet, business , career, and health readings also.

Client return rate: 98% and above.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

She is a qualified naturopath and a nutritionist with a background in many branches of healing and natural medicine.

These include:

Flower essences and other forms of vibrational medicine such as homeopathy,

Psychology and transpersonal psychology, in which discipline she is one of the world’s great masters, animal communication and animal pschology,animal transpersonal psychology.

Medical nutrition and Medical mediumship,

Rachel was born with memories of past lives and between- life memories.

She is a brilliant reader of the Akashic Records and can go back to your originalcore event on which all future traumas were predicated. (Once this is released, healing tends to be rapid)

In the act of seeing events healing is brought. The client does not need to re-live past trauma or do anything except be open to rapid shifts into light.

Rachel understands how your psyche works and her understanding of transpersonal (life to life ) psychology is second to none.


In order to heal herself of mysterious and life threatening health issues Rachel began studying medicine and medical nutrition. For several years she worked in naturopathy healing very difficult and complex health problems.

Realising that emotions were at the root of most illnesses, Rachel began her career as a reader in 1985.

A reading with Rachel is more than just an accurate reading. It allows thousands of Master Guides and Angels to come in and for THREE DAYS work on all your bodies, dissolving blocks, grounding in light and re-calibrating your being. (This facilitates great increases in joy and fulfillment and manifestation in your life!)

Soon after Rachel began her career as a reader,with Peter Quinn, she started "The 11th Hour Show" in England. This was Europe’s premier live radio broadast reaching 40’000’000 potential listeners. Rachel hosted about 100 weekly "11th Hour Show"s.

She has appeared on many TV and radio shows including:

TNT Road to Y2K, Channel 30 San Francisco, Sedona TV, Cannery Row Radio, BTR SOUL 2 SOUL and Real Estate Radio, Phoenix AZ.

On real estate radio Rachels advice was found to tally with that of the successful realestate experts and many called the station to say that all her predictions came true and her advice was sound.

Rachel also works with investment bankers with excellent results.

She is often called "The reader’s Reader" and "The healer’s Healer" As she does powerful work with those who are in the business of helping others,Also with artists and others who are extremely sensitive.

Rachel is currently available for online readings. If I am not online please leave me a message and I will get back with you in less than 24 hours.

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