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What’s REALLY the underlying problem to your love relationship?

Every couple in the world has relationship problems. There is no perfect lover, however, there IS a way to repair whatever damage has been done and start fresh together.

When 2 people are willing to look honestly at what’s causing their heartaches and are willing to make some changes, then any relationship is salvageable.

I help lovers heal their relationship by identifying the underlying problems and providing workable solutions; even if they are thinking of throwing in the towel.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

More than 25,000 readings world-wide spanning 30 years experience.

Also a business coach who teaches entrepreneurs how to start any business from home. www.godseer.com

Certified Behavioral Therapist specializing in love relationships.

Syndicated author and Ebook specialist www.YouNeedThisEbook.com

Executive producer and host of the online radio program, “Love Psychic Radio.”

My background includes teaching at two different California community colleges.

Facilitator for Psychic Events throughout California & Arizona.


I think of myself as a “Renaissance Woman” with a variety of psychic and business abilities. I am a Medium, Psychic and Tarot Cards Reader, as well as a Professional Astrologer and syndicated author on a variety of subjects.

Professionally involved in the psychic fields since 1980, I have given more than 25,000 readings around the world. I have covered every imaginable topic and answered just about any kind of question you might think to ask.

Many profound readings have left me shocked and awed and I have seen past lives which finally explained events in this lifetime.

I once sat down for a Tarot reading with a little boy who was about 8 years old, at a psychic fair. I ”saw” that his life was in the hands of his violent mother. It was interesting that the first question he asked me was, “How old will I be when I die?” I wanted to cry. Instead I have kept this little boy in my prayers all these years.

Another time, I was reading for a grieving woman whose brother was found murdered. She wanted to know why it happened. Immediately I began to see the whole story; who the murderer was, what he looked like, what kind of house he lived in and why it happened. I gave her all the information I was getting and believe it was the spirit of her deceased brother who gave me the information to pass on to this woman.

When it comes to the future, I believe in free will. What I see in your reading is not written in concrete. It is the direction your life is taking at the time of the reading. If your quality of life would be better served by making different choices, based on the information I have just given you, then your own free will can make different choices and get different results.

I do not tell you that I will return a long-lost love and you should not trust anyone who does tell you that. We all know that if WE have free will, so do THEY. I would caution you to think twice before paying someone to get you what you think you want, especially if it tries to force someone else to do something they don’t want to do. Ultimately, we are all accountable and responsible for our own choices and actions.

When God gives us something to do, we can’t NOT do it. That’s how I feel about psychic work. I MUST do it. Psychic work is spiritual work for me. I believe that everything is connected to God; that all will be revealed and that if I can make a difference in the quality of your life by the work that I do, then I am in alignment with what Spirit has in mind for both of us.

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