Morgana Babalon

Psychic Tarot Readings -- Picking the brains of Men, Mapping the Paths of Life, and Sharing the Current of Compassion-- since Spring 2006!


Tarot Adept, Psychic Medium, Goddess, Confidant, I am a natural Empath, clairaudient, claircognizant, incredibly savvy with my cards, & dedicated to finding the answers & means that allow YOU to shine.

I treat Tarot like a sentient tool. I talk to my cards, & they answer in sentences. I also talk to Guides through the cards, & YES—I can talk to your love’s subconscious.

I am a shameless & avid supporter of Sacred Sexuality. I can direct you toward Healing as well as intense compatability. I’d love to help you find that glow, or to help you figure out wtf is up with your Kundalini.

I’m also a skilled magical practitioner. I can help with spell-work, manifestation stuffs, & path-work. I know stones, oils, colors, chakras, days, deities, & the wiggy ways in which our reality works.

Whether it’s a pressing question, spiritual guidance, good gossip, or an Understanding ear you’re looking for, I would LOVE to chat with you.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

I’ve put in five years of INTENSIVE magical study. That includes TAROT (the Thoth deck), astrology, mysticism (East and West), Tantra, astral projection, energy work, and the art and science of manipulating reality. I’m relatively new, but quite astonishingly quick on the uptake.

I am a card-carrying Scarlet Lady, a magickal woman of GREAT empathic talents, and a trained medium under the tutelage of select ethereal entities for the last two years


I’ve been reading cards for 12 years, Tarot for 7, and professionally for 6. I’ve done THOUSANDS of readings. I’m currently gathering materials for my first Thoth Tarot class.

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