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I offer honest insight in:
Relationships – Love, Marriage, Divorce, Re-uniting Lovers

Personal Growth – Spiritual Growth, Finding the hidden self and true meaning

Emotional Behaviour Patterns Why does this pattern continue to happen?
How Can I better myself in this situation?

Spiritual Atonement – Inner Peace

Angelic Messages – Psychic Visions, and answers you seek

Reiki & Meditation – Healing of the Mind and Body, Balancing of Chakras

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

I connect to my ancestor’s and listen to the spirits voices. Along with that I take my work on readings very seriously and do not tell what you would like to hear. I speak the truth from my inner wisdom. I trust you to listen to everything spirit has for you, that is very important. I speak the words the spirits speak for you! No tools,No date of births. I am very gifted to where i get information automatically. I let my spirit guide and ancestor’s help guide me to the spirit world to get you information that will help you on your path. I come from a long line of spiritualism and healers.


i am an experienced in all the major areas of love and career and i have a skills to see and do a clairvoyant and tell you with this skills about your situations and problems!! no sugar coating the truth.

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Languages: Englidh

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