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Providing by assistance from Ascended Masters of the Great White brotherhood services such as Astrology, Spiritual coaching, channeling, Psychic readings, Reiki and healing, advice and information on the occult and paranormal, insights on world conspiracies and black-op information and much more. Provided by Maggador of Pleiadian Talk.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Certified Reiki Master
Certified Kundalini Reiki Master
Grandmaster of Ordo Nous Ogoz
Member of the Great White Brotherhood
Member of the Rosicrucian Order
Member of Builders of the Adytum
Member of Thelemik Alliance of IADANAMADA
Member of Eckankar


Been helping people find their meaning of life and self-realization, how to improve their situation, offering consulting and healing, and much more for the last 10 years.

Lifelong student of the esoteric, occult and spiritual arts, healing, magick, sorcery, love spells, energy cleansing, exorcisms, telepathy, meditation, and much more.

My name is Edward Alexander, I was born and raised in Norway. At a very young age, basically since birth, I got involved with the occult, paranormal, secret societies, ancient history, archaeology, anthropology, the spiritual, shamanism, mysticism and other related esoteric matters. In addition I’ve been highly interested and active with science and technology, art and music, computers and electronics, and of course the nature!

The main reason for myself getting involved with all of the above was simply because I had a father who were interested in the exact same things, and he traveled the world doing his research, and told me the most fantastic and interesting tales. He also had a huge book collection of all kinds of different topics, some of them very old books of magic among others, centuries old. He was the grandmaster of a secret order and initiated me into some of the secrets and taught me a lot of all these mentioned topics above.

But thats when it really got started! I got deeply into the studies of magick, the occult, spiritual and the ancient history and ancient peoples involvements with such matters.

I experimented with various systems, techniques, exercises and methods for many years before I found what really worked and what didnt, and started to understand how the universe works and the laws and principles and divine forces that governs it all.

I became member of several other secret orders and mystery schools and easily accessed many highly secret and little known about societies due to my own background and my fathers role in such an Order, and I got more and more books on these subjects and my knowledge and insights expanded in incredible ways. I was so filled with joy, amazement and enthusiasm for finding out about all this great powers, forces and worlds out there, all these fantastic experiences we can have, how much we can learnd and understand about the universe, the life, death, existence and even God himself.

Around this time I also got to know people in various positions, some of them of extremely high positions, in different institutions and endavours, including both governmental ones such as the Military, CIA, NSA and FBI, as well as very prominent leaders of highly secret Occult Orders – and the connections between all of these.

I also became aware of all the conspiracies going on in this world and how it has been this way for centuries, if not even thousands of years.

Please check my youtube videos and my website for more.

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