Florence Leonardo

**ACCURATE READING to gain clarity in your ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIP, confirmation about your LOVE INTEREST, comfort with your past hurts from them & NO CONTACT, closure about THE ONE that didn't work out or have gotten away.*


*current rate/min REDUCED FOR CANCER SEASON ONLY. *NO REFUND 3 TAROT CARD SPREAD, reading the trajectory of the energy of the subject matter (YOU) and your connection to your Desired outcome. I’ll unfold more cards as needed for clarity.

ONE QUESTION IS BEST FOR DEPTH. Scattered questions? I’ll help curate one question to ask the Tarot as it relates to your concern.

I’m looking forward to connecting with you here and serving you today reading your tarot cards to reveal the Mystery of your Desire.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Definitely Self taught and take pride in my spiritual journey and unfolding of my Authentic self.

I practice variation of divination charms in my Rituals. Tarot Cards Divination is my favorite tool.

I am also a Confidence and Authentic Self-Expression Coach for Women

Speaker and Educator of FLOW AUTHENTIC EXPRESSION, "a lifestyle of flow."


I’ve always been sensitive and empathic at a young age. Caregiver and relatives didn’t know how to respond and help nurture my gifts. Instead it was stifled. I fell into a lot of addiction to numb the intense felt sense I was experiencing. Spent healing my childhood trauma in the recent decade.

Happy to report that finally, I am home to myself. Embracing all that is unique about me. Cultivating, nurturing, and honoring my intuition, sensitivity to the Unknown, and empathic gifts.

I began to incorporate tarot cards reading in my divination rituals in 2019. I’ve been reading for all human, walks of life, in all areas of life, and experiences ever since.

When I’m not interpreting divination messages, Deep sleep is a must for restoring my body. I love nature walks, light running, massages, nail spa, rising early and a cup of dark roast coffee, birds chirping, stillness and silence of the morning, crafting poetry for reflection, singing, watching a movie, and Netflix ;)

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