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About My Services

I am Spiritually Gifted Psychic. My Gifts Include :-

Clairvoyance – Clear Seeing, Clairaudience – Clear Hearing, Clairsentience – Clear Feeling, Claircognizance – Clear Knowing

These Gift are passed through my Grandmother Lt. Sh. Asha Rani at age of 10. I have an Firm believe that she is always there with me as my Spiritual Guide.

Having such Gifts, itself brings in great level of responsibility which help and encourage me to do my work with serious consideration, as deep emotions are involved. I truly honor and respect all spiritual paths seekers. This is my promise to provide my clients only The Truth without any sugar coating.

Let me unveil the mysteries for you,

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

I stand alone with my gifts. I am simple and yet poweful. I am the Lily of the valley, I am the rose in the desert. I have survived through everything. Every victory has brought me closer to my God who lives in me and in all living beings. I am connected in ways that few can understand. I am one of a kind. My life has been spent assisting everyone around me. Those who know me can speak of it. The list of those that I have helped goes beyond any rating system or ranking page. I am an powerful Psychic,worker, healer, dynamic in all that I do and my work speaks volumes.


I use my God-given gifts of clairvoyance and clairvoyance, and Clairvoyant to connect and find the answers you seeking. I have experience in Psychic readings ,tarot, clairvoyance ,clairvoyance, astrology, reuniting lover’s spiritual meditation, spiritual deliverance,meditation therapy,,! I know what steps you need to take to get things moving quickly and in your direction ,My client’s are never left doubting their reading as I cover the past, present and future.I have extremely powerful and rare possessions’ in my hands that allow me to see and heal the wounded soul. I continue to teach, learn, heal and be healedI am also a trained Emotional counselor and cleanser dealing with subjects ranging in all forms of distress and trauma. I am here to help you solve your problems with love using my psychic skills, and help adjust your energies to put your life on track,I have spent over 10 years reading for my family, friends and co-workers

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Languages: English ; Hindi

Media: Audio Call, Video Call

Local Time: (GMT+05:00) November 28, 2022, 01:34PM


$1.11 per minute (after your approval)

$10-15min $15-20min $20-25min $40-50min

My $10 deal:

Exclusive 15 minutes to know your right.

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17 Sep 2022 satisfactory ranking Sammie  (unregistered)

First reading together, will see how everything goes

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18 Jun 2022 satisfactory ranking marche

It was ok

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30 Apr 2022 satisfactory ranking Ana (unregistered)

Timeframe was given … I’ll see what happens ..thanks

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