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2021 Astrology readings available. Most sought after CLAIRVOYANT is available EXCLUSIVELY thru Keen- 40 yrs. exp. MASTER psychic on Keen since 2002 LOVE/CAREER/LIFE PROGRESSION/PAST LIVES

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I am a master love psychic and specialize in twin flames and soulmates. I have been reading for forty years. Started on Keen in 2002. Many of us suffer with a pain of meeting our soulmates in our current lives and it puts us in a vicious circle for years as to why we are the few selected ones to get this mixed blessing of pain and happiness. We are faced with dilemma whether we will finally be with them and when? Are they around us for healing only or they are going to be with us forever? I can guide you thru this pain and happiness . I am a CLAIRSENTIENCE , CLAIRVOYANCE and CLAIRAUDIENCE and thus have the ability to see, feel and hear. I also use astrology, tarot, numerology when needed.


Please call me ONLY IF U WANT THE TRUTH. LOVE IS NOT EASY IT IS VERY TOUGH TO BE IN LOVE .Love is not easy and is painful. Love gives us pain but also reason for us to breathe. As till our last breath our soul is longing for love we are awaiting for long. I will not say what you want to hear to make you happy as I am ethical and my aim is to tell you what i am picking up on the situation. I believe in KARMA and MY aim is to serve you in a way so you can sense what the current situation really is than you are assuming and fooling yourself which all of us do when we are faced with dilemma. I know that I can’t make all of you happy based on my approach but even if I get the opportunity to give you the message, my work is DONE. I don’t encourage and entertain one free minute reading not because of money but it does not really make sense if you expect reading in one minute. When we focus on clients we channel our energy into the situation you are presenting to us to look at. The process of greeting, hearing the issue, channeling the energy into the issue and providing response takes more than a minute. i send one free minute occasionally so you can capitalize on that email but please don’t base your full reading and use only that one minute. If I observe clients using one free minute back to back for a reading they will be Blocked. I want to channel my energy on people that need my help. *NO HEALTH, LOTTERY, PREGNANCY, INVESTMENT AND LEGAL QUESTIONS ** I suggest appointments for following services- 1. Indepth reading using astrology and tarot cards 2. Reading using Vedic astrology and numerology- Prior appointment is needed as I need to do the calculations. 3. Birth chart creation and reading- which covers star positioning, colors and some aspect of Feng shui. .I also provide monthly/weekly email service- horoscope prediction based on sun and moon sign. Some suggestions- 1. When u have a burning life issue, don’t call ten psychics and create a web of new issues and thinking dilemmas for yourself. First thing u need to do is gain your inner strength.

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15 Jun 2021 excellent ranking Emiliana (unregistered)

Very sweet and insightful ❤️

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14 Jun 2021 excellent ranking lauren1516

Beautiful reading. Looking forward to her predictions.

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14 Jun 2021 excellent ranking chante27

This reading was everything so detailed and connected extremely well. She told me things that I know is true. Very accurate with no info given upfront. I will defiantly be back for another reading. She is a must try you will not be disappointed. Highly Recommend!!! ❤️❤️❤️

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12 Jun 2021 excellent ranking cpl7315

Thanks so much for your time! Great reading. Lovely person.

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08 Jun 2021 excellent ranking Jennifer (unregistered)

Thx much

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