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I am Marcellian.

I have the knowledge to channel and manage energy, in addition to interpreting the different oracles to be able to help find an answer to everyone who needs it. I can advise you in temrs of love, such as healing the relationship, heartbreaks and daily and future problems.

In life there will always be obstacles, tests and challenges to overcome, with my knowledge and experience we can find a solution to all kind of difficulties.

I can help you recovering your love one in a positive way, to find new jobs, I can also listen to you because sometimes you need someone with whom you can vent and advise you and the best without fear of future prejudices.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Certified relationship coacheer


I have 12 years of experience advising and helping people who need a guide in their daily life, with difficulties such as love, work, finances, personal and family relationships or any of these issues

I can help you, working with spirit guides and messages that can be interpreted and read. we can make contact with beings from beyond, family members or loved ones because these spiritualities They have messages that in most cases cannot get them to their destination, with my help we can make those messages arrive⭐

I can also help channel energies and explain somewhat strange events or moments that is actually your spiritual part being present, I can help you find beyond an answer also peace and tranquility for you and your inner being thus you can find balance in mental, spiritual and physical planes

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Languages: English and spanish

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28 Jan 2021 unsatisfactory ranking nina13

This was absolutely the worst reading i have had in my life pause pause same answer pause pause same like pulling teeth. I asked for a tarot card reading would not give me one.

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05 Jan 2021 unsatisfactory ranking nina13

Sorry none of my questions were answered very generic answers nothing was right. Will not call back.

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17 Oct 2020 unsatisfactory ranking caramiadenise

Was right in the beginning, but the past 3 times reading with him has been confusing and he was wrong with predictions. I’m leaving the negative review because he usually replies to my messages but when he was wrong, he ignored it. Shows he doesn’t truly care.

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