The Secret Psychic

The Secret Psychic



Fast-Direct-Detailed! 1 simple question from you = a novel of insights with detailed clarity.

Find out what he/she is really thinking and feeling.

Is it time to move on?

When will you get what you’re looking for?

Is marriage in your future?

Are they faithful?

Will your finances improve?

All this and more, I can surely help!

I am a very ethical reader who is always honest with what I see, hear, feel and sense around each clients situation. No sugar coating!

Connections will be confirmed when I tell you about the past and present if I am not accurate you will need to tell me immediately.

Refunds available only in first 3 min. No acceptations.

If you are interested in my pre-paid specials let me know during introduction otherwise you will be charged full price.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Due to too many callers declining to pay but still want to ask questions long after the 3 minutes is up- I will block you if you choose to take advantage of my time and services.

First 3 minutes is for INTRODUCTIONS ONLY.

Life long psychic/empathic abilities

Over 8 years of professional psychic services

Over 5,000 satisfied clients from around the world through various web platforms such as Myspace, Facebook my personal site and other psychic websites

Non-judgmental and easy-going approach to complicated situations.

  • Certified Usui Reiki Master
  • Ability to communicate and channel spirit guides









I do not communicate with the dead

I do not accept calls from new users or users without a good payment history. If I decline your call, know this is why.

I will not contribute to psychic addictions



As Lady GaGa would say, "I was born this way!" I have had psychic experiences from as far back as I can recall. From seeing visions of my Father walk up to the door coming home from work 10 minutes before he actually showed up, to having psychic dreams that would come true to the "T" the very next day- or even knowing people’s names before I was introduced or told I’ve had an interesting life! I’ve dealt with haunted houses, unfriendly spirits taunting me- and eventually my family members, and have even had a few automatic writing experiences too.

I first began doing psychic readings for others back in the hay day of Myspace. I joined a few psychic related groups, trying to learn more about myself-how others lived their lives as psychics and to practice my abilities or rather get confirmation of them. It wasn’t long before my thread in one group had well over 2000 happy people who had gotten a free psychic or picture reading (I also can read people energies from photos) from me. I not only had confirmation that I was not just good, but REALLLLLLY GOOD. I also found out I was pretty darn popular too! lol. I couldn’t keep up with all of the request and that is when I decided to take things to a professional level and began to market my services over the internet. By first creating my own website, than joining other sites such as this one


Trust me when I tell you that nothing you could possibly tell me is going to make me blush or judge you. I’m only 36 now but I’ve lived a rather full life and been through it all with just about every type of a relationship you can think of. I’m an extremely open minded person and tend to be very outspoken in my ‘older’ years, but long ago when I was a wee little thing, I actually used to be pretty shy, timid and put up with what I now refer to as- a lot of unneccessarily bulls*it. and settling for less than I deserve, still, life does make some hard and others wise! By using my own life and relationship experiences along with my empathic abilities I’m almost always able to get through to my clients in a way that makes them feel comfortable, cared for and have confidence that I really understand what they are going through. With all of that considered and paired with my no nonsense approach with practical wit and humor so there’s always room for a smile or a bright side, I’ve been able to help so many men and women empower themselves and leave bad situations and unhealthy relationships and to be more positive, confident and wise so that they are able to find a healthy sense of love and most importantly- self-love!

I am very professional, friendly and even funny. I do not judge (I’m not a goody-two-shoes or holy person). We are all humans, make mistakes, think with our hearts and not our heads. It happens all of the time and that is just a part of life as far as I’m concerned. I’m just here to help others find answers and find themselves and to spread the love!

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