Solve your problems, Internationally known Expert in ancient wisdom of India- astrology, yoga, tantra, veda, future prediction, love & relationship, Meditation. This divine wisdom has been used since ages in solving human problems and spreading happiness.


What is life? Why are we living? Who am I? These are the questions which has been disturbing the mind of humans since ages. Answer to such questions are there in the wisdom of Ancient Indian Scriptures, like veda, Upnishada, Bhagavat Geeta, Ramayana, Mahabharata. Lord say, Life is Bliss. Then why are you sad? You are sad because you dont know yourself, you dont know the eternal truth, you dont know how to achieve material gain simultaneously persuing spiritual bilss- you dont know the path to eternal wisdom. The path is there in ancient Indian scriptures. It can be the path of yoga, or path of tantra (occult) or bhakti (devotion) or gyan (knowledge). You can know the correct path, if you know yourself. I am doing constant meditation on the feet of my Guru and Lord Shiva; and on their Direction I have been assisitng the sad soul in achieving bliss- material success along with spiritual enlighenment. Come, Lord is calling you to the devine wisdom of eternal bliss and happiness. It is yours.

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Divine Knowledge, Spiritual vision & blessing of God.


Meditating for 26 years at the feet of My Guru and Lord Shiva.

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