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Healing of the heart peace to the mind allow Lee to guide you where others have failed


Over 20 Years Of Experience 3rd Generation Psychic Specializing In All Aspects Of Life Such As





FAMILY & FRIENDS Also In Reuniting Lovers, Soulmate Connection No Problem Is To Big Or To Small That I Cannot Solve! With One Reading Will Amaze You Stop Being Confused & Hesitate Stop The Sleepless Nights Stop Worrying If Your On The Right Path I Can Help You Where Other Have Failed! Call Now Spiritual Psychic Shop For Forth ten Years Honest Insight in: Relationships – Love, Marriage, Divorce, Re-uniting Lovers Personal Growth – Spiritual Growth Emotional Behavior Patterns – Why does this continue to happen? How can I better myself in this situation? Is he/she my soulmate? Will I reach my career goals? What is he/she thinking? Will my relationship reconcille? "Our words can be our own worst enemy creating "cause and effect" learn how to control your own behavioural pattern" Spiritual Atonement – Inner Peace Angelic Messages – Honest Insights and answers you seek


I AM A WORLD RENOWNED SPIRITUALIST, BLESSED BY GOD WITH NATURALLY PSYCHIC CLAIRVOYANCE,AND EMPHATIC ABILITIES. Tired of getting a short and fast answer Feeling frustrated and stuck? Not sure how to get back on the right path? Confused where your life’s path is leading you? With well over 20 years of experience, I have helped countless individuals world wide solve many of life’s perplexing problems. Discovering my abilities at an early age, I realized and embraced my destiny with open arms and an open mind. I specialize in "Love & Relationships" , "finding your true soul mate", "marital difficulties", "discovering if He/She has been faithful", "Dream Interpretation"., "Connecting with your Spirit Guides", "the tarot and other divination tools and techniques", "Psychic Clairvoyance", "Empathy". I don’t believe in coincidence, I know and understand upon a deeper level that everything happens for a reason, just as I know God has lead you to me here today for a specific purpose." Don’t ignore your intuition", with the aid of my powerful empathetic gifts I can help you find your correct path in this life’s journey. No question is to small or too big. God has a plan for us all, let me help lead you to that destiny and finally find the peace of mind you deserve. BEFORE CALLING I DO NOT GIVE FREE READINGS ARE FREE QUESTIONS i’m not gonna tell you what you wanna hear i’m gonna tell you honesty an the truth from what i see thank you and god bless:)

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$1.25 per minute (after your approval)

$20 Love Reading $35 Psychic *Past&Present* $50 Full Life Tarot Card

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10 - 10 *3 Questions*