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Empathic psychic readings will help give you insight regarding love and relationships and Family issues based on the emotional energies of yourself and those you are closely involved with.

Runes Oracles will give you specific advice on your personal issues. Runes can provide a very accurate source of confirmation.

Angel Cards will give you insight with matters concerning your own inner spirit and those closely involved. A psychic reading with angel cards are just like tarot cards (Archangel, Healing angels, and Messenger angels Designed by DR. Doreen Virtue)

Dream interpretations are done by both empathic(emotional) suggestion and symbolism.


Non-denominational Licensed Evangelist and Certified Spiritualist Clergy certificates ensures insight in a wide variety of religions and beliefs.


I use a variety of methods to help you see, cleanse, and balance your own energy. Let me help you deal with your daily stress.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

At the age of seven he was already a budding psychic and empath who began feeling the emotions of those around him and sensing the strong presence of spirits. His two year old sister had tragically passed on and he had become an only child with no one to mentor him. For thirty-five years he learned to control his gifts through a process of trial and error. He was raised a Baptist and often spoke to angels who became his only playmates for awhile after his sister died. Their constant presence proved to be a catalyst for his spiritual studies. By the age of nine, he could read the King James version of the bible as well as any preacher! Throughout his adolescence, he was the “Dear Abby” of the neighborhood, offering advice to everyone, including adults who often asked him how he felt about their issues. Being an empath at such a young age made it very difficult for him to control the swirling emotions that often threatened to consume his world, especially when it came to absorbing negative feelings.


Climbing trees and expending his energy with physical pursuits, helped him to channel that energy in a healthy way. As he grew older, he learned to use his abilities in social settings, finding favor with his friends by telling them what they were feeling and why they were feeling it without them having to provide any prior information. Creatively, he began to write prayers that worked as well as any spell and poetry that healed the heart and balanced one’s Spirit. He used dice in the same manner as the ancients threw lots in the bible to determine outcomes. Playing cards were used to read their emotions. In 1994, he read alternative scriptures to understand other viewpoints on spirituality and learned that they all taught the same basic Truths. He discovered there was a common ground between ALL known religions and he was successful at bridging the gap between Christians and those who chose to follow a different path. In 1997, divine visitation and visions changed his life forever. He was given insight into many spiritual mysteries that enabled his own spirit to grow by leaps and bounds. Soon afterward, he found himself in chat rooms, offering free psychic readings. While attending community college, he studied psychology and spent the better part of his adulthood as a door-to-door salesman, where he used his empathic gifts to his advantage. By knowing what hot buttons to press, he was able to secure numerous sales and build a very successful career that lasted fifteen years. All of his gifts have been put to use in practical ways, and it is through his life experiences that he has been able to develop his talents to accomplish his overall aim of helping people to lead happier lives.

He’s been studying and improving upon his gifts for over thirty-five years now and has worked professionally as a psychic for the last eight. Beginning in 2004, he was employed by several well-known on-line companies and has been very active on a local level in his community, offering psychic house-calls, smudging homes, cleansing businesses, and providing readings at birthday parties, weddings and at cookouts. With the permission of the parents, he can even perform readings for children as well. He is been a licensed spiritualist clergyman, since 1999, and an ordained minister of evangelism, since 1997, with a local charter. His practice is non-denominational with the goal of assisting people with their inner spirit. His empathic gifts are powerful and have been with him since childhood. He has used them to read emotions and can, with the help of his intuition, explain to clients not only what they’re feeling but why they’re feeling it. He also specializes in reading for gifted psychics, especially those who are in conflict with their spirituality. He coaches other empaths and teaches beginners how to channel and control their abilities, possessing a working knowledge of all spiritual and psychic gifts. He’s able to communicate with spirits, the heavens-including stars, planets, etc.-and is very in tune with the earth energies.

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