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In the world of extreme makeovers, we always expect immediate results. We often get upset when things don’t happen according to our expectations which may result in making haste decisions. I am here to help you to see what is best and better for your future and to heal you from negativity and overcome the hurdles which seem to be impossible in your life. I believe, life rarely happens in a precise, self-prescribed order, yet it usually happens right on time. I can provide you with meditation, contemplation, brainstorming, solving problems and processing feelings techniques. I will make changes in your life for good and give you a new language that can deepen your experience as human beings. This will help you to connect to your inner selves. Most importantly, it can teach you how to listen to your intuition. A successful balance of ambition, energy and communication is associated with by my in depth readings. I will provide you with a connection before you hire my services, and will not onl

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I’m a psychic consultant with 25 years of experience. I authority in tarot readings and vitality associations. Love and connections are my specialty in readings, notwithstanding I additionally give classes in view of profession, possess family, presence course, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. I give my customers the records they have to direct them in freeing power holding them come back from showing what they fancy in life. My religious knowledge is enabling, illuminating and instructive. Really situated, my steerage permits trade lives. I associate with my better energies and non mainstream heavenly attendants to interface with my clients, along the edge of utilization of the Tarot, my most supported gadget. I see into the profundities of the cards, and look at the messages they pass on to enable you to comprehend the circumstances you are experiencing and the best approach to be guided through them. I am a totally kind hearted person, that acknowledges a wide range of people and their issues.


I was born and raised in a spiritual family and have been practicing Tarot for about 25 years. My first deck was given to me by my mother, who belonged to her grandmother. I started by practicing this profession on my family, then friends, then friends of friends, until I realized that I have an innate gift and a talent for understanding people. I am a good listener and I always like to have an open conversation, where you feel safe and fully respected. Because everything came naturally, I managed to interpret what the spirits were telling me, so, after almost 10 years, I managed to help many people find themselves because I don’t just focus on married life and love; I strongly believe that each person must be happy for themself, in order to make others happy. I also believe that nothing is accidental and that everything that happens to us is for a reason.

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