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REAL AND HONEST. See My Bio. 5+ Yrs.Exp. Love, Work, or Finance. All Readings are Interactive for a Rewarding and Detailed experience. I’ve read for Thousands. U.S, Canada, And Europe. Active Clients Dating Back 9 Years!

I’m a natural born Psychic. I have been counselling people in psychic matters for 5+ years, as well as teaching development of psychic abilities. I do astrological charts, Tarot readings and psychic counselling. I use the gifts I have to help those in need to redirect there paths and find the right course. But any reading’s accuracy depends upon whether or not you listen to and utilize the advice given. Kindness and compassion is given as often as is warranted. But be aware that the truth is sometimes unkind and the code by which I live and the retaining of my gift, requires me to always tell it no matter what it may be.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Counselling Level 4 Diploma

Certified Vedic Astrologer Level 1 and Level 5

Diploma in Professional Stress Consultancy

Relationship Counseling

Diploma in Psychotherapy


I have learned, my greatest teacher has been life itself. All that I have learned myself from using my God-given ability to fulfill my purpose of informing everyone in need of knowledge and guidance, Allow me to give you the spiritual guidance with my abilities. I can help you with all the matters of life especially love and career. I’m your spiritual guide who can help you with all the matters of life, I specialize in love and relationships. I do have the experienced the psychic readings for 5 years. With my reading I will guide people to the right track, will make them understand what is wrong and what is right, my expert service includes meditation, love reading, soul mate readings and more. Feel comfortable and contact me with your questions.

I am here to help you about Career/work, Money/finance, Pets/animals, Spiritual development, Deceased loved ones, Destiny/life path, Family/home, Law issues, Lost people/objects, Love/relationships.

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Languages: English, Arabic

Media: Audio Call, Video Call

Local Time: (GMT-04:00) February 08, 2023, 08:23PM

Location: Canada  (Find on Google Maps)

$1.25 per minute (after your approval)

15 mins at 15 $ / / / / 22 min at 20$ / / / / 60 min at 45$

My $10 deal:

25 minutes for all situations. Call me!!

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30 May 2022 satisfactory ranking alyoung198408

Responded quickly

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28 Dec 2021 satisfactory ranking flakefrosted

Paid 10 dollars and he didn’t respond at all :( EDITED: he was having some tech issues and we got connected. Gave me a reading. Gave some good insights and short term predictions. Fingers crossed.Will change to excellent if come to pass.

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18 Nov 2021 satisfactory ranking lostone32

I am not sure. We will see. But I do not have a relationship of any kind with the person I asked about. And highly doubt anything will happen. It is a nice thought to entertain, though.

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05 Feb 2021 satisfactory ranking coryspaulding

Would of liked more info but the reason for little info is reasonable because none has been able to give answers

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08 Dec 2020 satisfactory ranking kissmixie

She tried, but nothing here felt like the reading connected, unfortunately. Just baseless predictions without context.

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