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The services I️ offer:

Tarot Cards (full deck-$55.00)

Angel Cards (3 cards-$15.00 10 cards-$50.00)

Energy Readings ($35.00)

Crystal Readings ($60.00)

Chakra Readings! ($75.00)

NOTE: I DONT DO REFUNDS!! if you are unhappy with your reading, please tell me while in chat ONLY if not, i will not refund! ONLY call when youre willing to purchase a reading or an update, if not please only message me.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

I’m a natural true born spiritually gifted psychic empath clairvoyant and Clairaudient. I️ am able to connect with ones energy within them and surrounding them given full name and D.O.B. This helps me get a better understanding and knowledge of what you are facing and are going to face. I️ can give you the guidance and/or clarity that you may have lost. I️ can help you fight and over come any battle that you face. I️ am able to guide you, lead you, and advice you onto a better happier positive path in life.


I have 14 years of experience ever since i was a little girl i was always able to cnnect and feel others energies it wasnt until i was 8 when my grandmother had expressed to me that what i was going through was in fact gaining and learning my ability to see one’s past present and future, to see what any other ordinary eye wasnt able to see, to hear what any other ordinary ear wasnt able hear.

since then ive trained and learn the arts in tarot angel acrd orcale card as well as intuititve readings & was even able to give past life readings at only 11 years old! i was able to connect with energies and feel exactly what another person was feeling, and its truly the best thing in the world. So greatful to have been blessed with an amazing gift, to help whenever whoever is the best feeling in the world!

I was not taught this I did not go to school I did not learn this I was simply born with the ability to see one’s past present and future. What I tell you is exactly what I’m seeing. However, I am a spiritualist, master in the arts of Tarot, an Angel card expert and Reiki healer & professional chakra Balancer & healer. I am skilled in the arts of palmistry, and I’ve studied astrology and numerology as well. I am a certified life coach as well as a licensed therapist, I am licensed and certified in the state of California where I have my very own office that I offer many of my services at.

Love, Career, Money, Marriage, Divorce, Addiction, Abuse, Spiritual Guidance, Reiki Healing, Energy Work, Past Life, 
Chakra Balancing & Healing,  Spiritual Cleansing, Candle Rituals, Crystal Healing / Energy, Love Spells.
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$5.00 per minute (after your approval)

$35.00-25 mins, $14.99-7 mins, $65.99-Unlimited !! CALL NOW!

My $10 deal:

19.99 for 20 MIN, lots of details accurate & FAST!

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18 Jan 2019 excellent ranking summer2336

Very quick n connected quickly!!!

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26 Nov 2018 excellent ranking elsabee84

Awesome reading

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25 Nov 2018 excellent ranking elsabee84


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24 Nov 2018 excellent ranking elsabee84

Shes good some of the predictions came true

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23 Nov 2018 excellent ranking alexxx1

awesome FUCKING! reading ... 5 STARS BABY!

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