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❤️ Love relatiuteonship specialist. I’m a Certified Astrologer and more than 15 years experience in Vedic, Indian & Chinese Astrology is a great field which is being used by experts in WORLDWIDE I’m a psychic Spirit guided, Astrologer, and Tarot reader. I use my spirit guides during reading and also use my cards. I’m hardworking and honest with my profession. Specialties: I use my expertise & specialties in 1 LOVE RELATIONSHIPS 3 BREAKUPS 4 PAST LIFE 5 Dream Analyses 6 Distant healing 7 Chakra Balancing Meditations 8 SOULMATE 9 FINANCE 10 CARRIERS 11 Love & Relationship 12 Soulmate Connection ?13 Single & Dating 14 Parents & Children 15 Affairs & Cheating 16 Breaking up & Divorce 17 Careers My Aims to make people happy and solve all their problems you can trust me and give me one try I assure you will not be disappointed. I am psychic, spirit guided, astrologer, numerology, Clairvoyance, Clairsentience. Through my psychic abilities, I can see the past, present, and future also I can read the face.


I am a natural born gifted psychic I have 15 years experience my gift was passed down from generations before me I have had my gift since a young child and I have learned how to use my abilities to the fullest effect and help others. I use my abilities to help others in there time of need and happiness or just wanting some guidance on what to do next in there situation, I read the situation of my client and i see what is the best advice I see to help move them in best direction I’m very compassionate and none judge-mental psychic I’m very passionate about helping others. I am able to tell past present and future I see names dates and descriptions I offer tarot, chakra, full life reading, crystal ball reading, psychic readings, dream interpretations, past life readings, And more, no problem is to big or to small. I have been lucky to help thousands of client so far and hope to help many more to come.

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$0.99 per minute (after your approval)

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14 minute Love Special & relationship

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10 May 2021 unsatisfactory ranking keynice

I came to give a review to allow things you said to play out. My two poi that we talked about. One of my poi just dropped a bomb on me and it’s the opposite of what you said and it left me heartbroken.

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04 May 2021 unsatisfactory ranking Well-kept  (unregistered)

Was slow on the reading as well as typing and didn't answer all of my questions

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29 Oct 2020 unsatisfactory ranking megan3402

I would like a refund. Sat on idle most of the time

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10 Oct 2020 unsatisfactory ranking naiki.nai

Not a good read ended up losing connection and didn’t use all the time :(. Waste of $10.

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11 Aug 2020 unsatisfactory ranking nameeta2

She asked me to connect with her so that she can provide update when I did she said you lover is thinking about you but there has been no communication since i last chated with her. So she again used words with passage of time which was used in the past so really there was no new update so she just made $4.00 dollars without providing any update that is why I gave her unsatisfactory for now. When the time comes if my lover contacts me and if there will be any movement I will come and thank her and change her reading to excellent.

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