Kelly Lastery

Kelly Lastery


I am empathic and intuitive with clairvoyant and clairaudient abilities. I genuinely do care about people, want the very best for everyone, and I will help you as much as I can with your questions. I am a naturally gifted healer and Reiki practioner, and people tend to feel either relaxed or uplifted after spending time with me. I am always honest and will only tell you what I feel to be true, this may not always be what you want to hear. Sometimes a connection with a person can’t be felt strongly enough. If that is the case I will not waste your time or money.

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Naturally gifted psychic and spiritual adviser of over 15 years But of all that I have learned my greatest teacher has been life itself and all that I have learned myself from using my God given ability to fulfill my purpose of informing everyone in need of knowledge and guidance ,Allow me to give u the spiritual guidance with my abilities. I can help u with all the matters of life specially love and career..I’m your spiritual guide who can help u with all the matters of life, specialist in love and relationship…I do have the experience of psychic reading of 10 year… With my reading I will guide peoples to the right track, will make them understand what is wrong and what is right, my expert services are meditation, love reading, soul mate readings and more. Feel comfortable and contact me with your questions… I am here for help you about Careerwork, Moneyfinance, Petsanimals, Spiritual development, Deceased loved ones, Destinylife path, Familyhome, Law issues, Loverelati.


Are you feeling lost and not knowing who to turn to? Kelly is an experienced claircognizant and clairvoyant and is a qualified counselor and life coach and specializes in relationships, breaks ups and family problems. As a great empath, she has walked through many realms of life both good and bad which has shaped her into the psychic advisor she is today. She can also use Angel cards, tarot card and a pendulum as tools for her readings if requested.

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Languages: English

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Local Time: (GMT-09:00) March 04, 2021, 10:14AM


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$30 for 45 minutes

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02 Feb 2021 unsatisfactory ranking antibella

I ask postive things she takes long to answer to waste time for more money to tell me negative things

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10 Oct 2020 unsatisfactory ranking danny78

Confusing messages

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09 Jan 2019 unsatisfactory ranking oneluv32

The most negative off reading I have ever had

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27 Jun 2017 unsatisfactory ranking tammers

Very confusing person. She means good but just a language barrier problem. I had to keep pressing her for answers because she would hardly answer anyone of my questions but at the end of the session she finally answered one or two questions and then she hung up on me. I usually don't write bad reviews this is the first bad review I have ever written; no I'm sorry this is the second bad out of the hundreds of readings I have done. Other than that she's a very kind person. Good luck with your reading because I didn't get any.

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03 Jun 2017 unsatisfactory ranking selen1234

This lady is a scam and not psychic. Whatever she tells you is just made up. After asking all questions from me, I mean she asked all details, just like i was the psychic and she was customer. Then beaten around the bush..Theres another woman doin something to him. Same thing she said to my issue ain't bout no other woman, she never picked up the main thing. Please stay off. This one is a good scam. Do not waste your time

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