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My Job as a psychic is to help not only lead and guide you amongst your correct path but My job is to also help you to make the right choices and to help you identify some gifts of your own you may have and how to use those to create and manifest positivity in your life and also with the people around you. My work ethic has always been strong, compassionate, as well as straightforward, I believe in telling you the whole truth but sometimes the truth can be hard to hear so in my readings I make it a top priority to create a sense of comfort and ease a place where you and I can meet in the middle to overcome life’s difficulties and find solutions to whatever your problems or blockages may be. We all share an intuitive intuition, however due to naive human nature we miss important signs or signals the universe may try to tell us. My job is to help you identify what those signs may be or mean and how you can enrich and fulfill your purpose the universe has for you.

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25$- 30 minutes 45$- 50 minutes 95$ for a full aura reading

I WILL NOT ANSWER FREE QUESTIONS OR GIVE FREE READINGS YOU MUST ACCEPT THE CHARGE REQUEST!! When purchasing ANY service I provide here on Bitwine you are agreeing and acknowledging that the future is never pre-destined sometimes unpredictable events, free-will, or how you follow the guidance given to you can alter the future, you also acknowledge that I am NOT a medical expert therefore I do not read or talk about anything medical or offer "health spells" or anything in that field. This is simply psychic guidance being given should you choose to follow you will see results even if it is not "exact" thank you

I am professionally licensed in the state of New Jersey as a Psychic,tarot card reader,and Life coach. I also am an energy enlightenment specialist, I realign chakras and heal traumatized chakras, and am also a third degree Reiki master.


I have had over 25 years giving out professional readings both online and in person. I’ve guided many walks of life through their life path’s, reunited not just soulmates but broken families as well, helped people pick up the pieces to their broken-hearts, and overall given my clients not just mental and spiritual enlightenment but empowerment. Being an Energy Enlightenment specialist means I have the ability to soften and remove any tension or negative forces within your spiritual energy that prevents you from fulfilling your goals, find peace , and over-all love yourself and others better. I also can realign and heal traumatized chakras, I am even a Third Degree Reiki master.

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24 Jun 2020 excellent ranking lifeisjoy

She is the only person who understood my situation fully. I felt she was dead on and understanding thank you. It is an emotional time. I appreciate you.

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15 Jun 2020 excellent ranking kirstenthekatt

Really enjoyed the reading! She was spot on and gave detailed answers and gave good insight. Definitely would have another reading with her in the future. Thanks again! :)

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29 Apr 2020 excellent ranking brittanyk430

Thank you so much !!! I will be back for an update

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16 Apr 2020 unsatisfactory ranking chwexien

I don't think she was connected properly to the situation, but thanks anyway

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08 Apr 2020 excellent ranking adamzzzz

Very good at what she does the best in the business. She also speaks very good English.

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