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LOVE & LIFE GUIDANCE <3 TUNE IN REALLY FAST=) Empath. Clairvoyant. Clairsentient. Medium. Tarot

Since I was very young: I can feel what the person you are thinking about is feeling in my body or how things in your future will make you feel.

Have done readings for 10+ years.

I can not only feel what people are feeling or thinking but I can pick up smells, hear things, and use all my senses to help you gain peace in the moment.

When it comes to life coaching I love helping people achieve balance within themselves so they can be successful with relationships in their lives. I can pick up peoples weaknesses and fears that only stand in the way of their desired goals.

Twin Flames

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Was highest Rated on Purple Ocean for months Oranum 10+ years of readings Different clients including: Trauma Victims, Love seekers, Celebrity Clients, Writers, etc

-Relationships / Love

-Past, Future, Present



-Twin Flames

-Coaching on spiritual awakenings Uniting with loved ones who have passed away

-Coaching on balancing your life and twin flame relationships

-Empowering clients using different techniques such as kundalini, helping them raise their vibrations and frequencys,etc

-Divine feminine/ divine masculine coaching

Can answer any questions having to do with love, work, future, either using my gifts or tarot. Tarot cards are a tool but if requested I can read them as well but they are not necessary.

-Dream analysis and help with lucid dreaming

Guided Meditation: 30 min $150 -Inner Child Work -Twin Flame Connection -3D/5D Read in English and Spanish

$150 30min $300 an hour

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Media: Audio Call, Video Call

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27 Oct 2017 unsatisfactory ranking shanbear

Rude. I asked for a 10.00 reading she said yes. Once she accepted my payment she never answered me again and then cut off our session

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24 Oct 2017 unsatisfactory ranking bcuzimagurl

My negative review is not the advisor..she wasn't rude or mean. It is the reading itself. Made no absolute sense and was not believable at all. She gave me advice..u need to fix yurself..this and that..i was upfront from the start about what kind of reading i wanted. I appreciate that u would not wander off the road. Also she was odd where she said she can "see" but unable to tell race..olive skinned is too generic..that could apply to anyone be any race. When I informed her of my religion and cultural beliefs..she was like if it didn't mean crap or i won't care. Wow I was stunned. She blew it off as if I would just not care and go outside my religion...she might be for others...sadly for me she was just making up random stuff

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