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Azen Psychi Investigator Expert $0.42 a min 12 min for a 5$ & 25$ get you 60 Mins With Me


[Just TryMe ForA Min] if you like me then let me help you names dates times percen% the 4W??

Testiomonials: YH


So if you want exact dates/time frames this is a good guy to see. A lot of ppl on here are hesitant with times, but this guy is not AT ALL!!! He’s really sweet too, btw. High energy, very fast—covered a lot of ground in a short time, and he’s very detailed, no generalities. I’d recommend him if you want to get to the point and want to hear it all. Definitely recommend, it’s an experience for sure;)


Sunlight82 michigan | 2014-06-10 07:45:14 Sunlight82

- Wow,omg,wow!!!!! He hit the nail on the head in a demo reading. I had to take him to private chat.He was so right on the situation with me and my guy.I’ve been going crazy about it for months a spent a lot of money on other psychics that were a waste. So glad I came here and found Azengeds! He is the truth and does not waste time. This is my go to guy from now on! You will be glad to called him….he is an absolute must call!!

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everthing from a to b to x y z


5 years and 20 years in the 5th demension

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