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Crystal Clear Insight

love and relationship specialist, try me i could help! i look forward to chatting with you


Hi and thank you for taking the time to take interest in me. My name is Crystal I am a spiritual psychic and a intuitive advisor I’m empathic & straight to the point.

I specialize in Love and relationship career,finance,break-ups reconnections, and much more

my readings give full in-depth insight with lots of detail,

no matter what you may be going through I can help!!

we all need answers from time to time so let me link with you and bring you the truth..

I can answer all your questions and provide the right guidance you need.

I will be your Gateway of knowledge to help you understand the past,recognize the present,and prepare for a more productive future.

through the power of my spiritual guide and your emotions I am able to connect with you on a much deeper level,

all I need is names and dates so let’s connect and bring you the clarity and peace of mind that you truly need.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Masters degree in scientific clairvoyantology. Bachelor of science degree in Psychic emphatic studies.

I have been helping others since I was 12 years old I am also Educated in: Herbology, Spiritual counseling, Spiritual reading, Ceromancy, Life coaching, Feng shui, Channeling, Dream interpretation, Tarot readings, The art of ruin stones, Crystal healing, Chakra energy balancing, Astrology, Numerology, Egyptian Seichim Reiki Master Practitioner. Seichim Reiki pulls from both modern practices and from the Egyptian mystery traditions. It is a technique that can be done in both a personal face to face setting as well as though distance. Although it is not overt, there is an intrinsically psychic and spiritual dimension to the practice of reiki. It allows practitioners to understand underlining energy within a client’s situation. This is likely the most ancient type of energy work,


I am a clairvoyant visionary reader who has been gifted with second sight from early age I tune in to my clients energy after connecting with my client I see a flow of images and am able to give extremely accurate descriptions of people places and time frames, I specialize in love and relationships and share my information with a strait forward style enriched by compassion I seek to erase your confusion fear and doubt restore your confidence and help you return your life to the right path I believe in establishing a nurturing relationship with my clients and I have a genuine heart felt interest in helping others I do not need tools but could use tarot cards and more on request,


Clairsentience (empathic) – I can feel energy & emotions from other people. I am an empath, can pick up your emotions, as well as the emotions of those you are inquiring about.

Clairvoyant – I have the ability to "see" or gain information about an object, person, location or physical event.

Claircognizance (knowing) – Visions come from time to time during readings. When this happens I can describe the image in detail.

Tarot Card Interpretations – many years of experience.

Empath – feeling the energy and emotions of client and others involved in the session

Non-judgemental reader – You can ask me anything, without hesitation and without fear of ridicule. I accept all circumstances with an open mind.

All my readings are based by minute or flat rate minute charges, I also offer unlimited minute rates per session (it does not mean unlimited rate carries on into multiple sessions just means we get to the conclusion and ideal solution to your issue when my spirit guide is done where done.)

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Languages: English,Spanish,Vietnamese,Chinese,Japanese,Korean,Italian,Greek,

Media: Audio Call,

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