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I am a spiritual counselor, High Priestess, a highly sensitive psychic, an instructor of divination and other healing arts, an expert Tarot reader, empathic, clairsentient, clairvoyant, and clairaudient, with decades of professional experience. Let me help you through healing and lifting your spirit. I can help you find answers concerning relationships, finances, business, employment, or other life questions you need to know. Or let me do a past life reading for you; this is a special interest and gift of mine.

Please register and sign into your account before contacting me, as I do not accept sessions with unidentified or unidentifiable clients.

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Spiritual sessions require an intimate connection between the querent and the counselor, and selecting a counselor, though difficult when there are so many, is a critical undertaking. You should carefully compare the information available on each counselor under consideration. There will be something that will spark a “feeling” that, yes, this is the one!

It is wise to spend some time communicating with your chosen counselor, either through live chat or email, before actually hiring them to do a session with you.

This pre-hire communication will let you know for sure how well the two of you will be able to work together. Time has a strengthening effect on spiritual connections, so it is beneficial to pick a few counselors that you can trust and then stick with them.

While fees are important, they should not become the primary factor in making your decision. Honest counselors are concerned counselors and generally will be willing to work with you on a fee.


Are you worried about what’s going on with your partner? If they’re acting strangely, staying away or out of touch, let me help you find their thoughts, feelings, and intentions.

Our futures are not written in stone. Often the smallest action or most insignificant choice can make major changes to our futures. Think of a spiritual reading as a map for a trip you’re taking. On the map you can see the “roads” before you. You’re the driver on this trip, and there’s nothing to prevent you from changing routes at any time. A spiritual counselor is a friendly “tourist guide” for you, and can help you find the roads you’d like to travel and the destinations you’d like to reach.

I can help you find the obstacles to a happy relationship and look for ways to overcome these obstacles.

If these difficult times are affecting your closest family relationships, let me help you understand changes in your partner, your parents, your siblings, your children.

Found your Soulmate? Looking for your soulmate? What IS a soulmate anyway?

If you are worried or confused, or merely curious about loved ones who have passed over, let me help you with clear and concise answers to your questions and concerns.

Near death experiences in my early life have left me with an affinity for those who live beyond this plane. They do not leave us or forget us and they can help us with advice and guidance when we are open to that. Let me help you reach beyond for answers to your issues and concerns.

I can explain what spells are and how they work, and when and why they won’t. I won’t make false promises or charge you under false pretenses. If you are worried or confused, feel like you’ve tried everything you know to do, let me help you find some new options.

Or let me help you understand your dreams. Our dreams are not merely random fantasies that come to us in our sleep for entertainment. They can tell us much about our lives, our concerns, our wishes, and our fears. If you would like to know what your dreams are telling you, I can help. If you are having trouble remembering your dreams, I can teach you simple methods that, with a little practice, can help you become your own dream analyst. Often the smallest clues in our dreams can help us make major changes to our futures. Your dreams can become the roadmap to your future, a preview of interesting sights still ahead of you.

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05 Dec 2010 excellent ranking miri0829

very very nice and kind :) i don't know what happend we got disconnceted???

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19 Nov 2010 excellent ranking thestarrynight

While this was not my first psychic reading (hehe), I can honestly say it was one of the most helpful I've ever received. Nythcar was so generous with her time, gave me insight into what's going on *right now* and made no guarantees about the future...only impressions about what's likely to happen. I love that. I even understand my own feelings more now, icing on the cake (or even the cake itself). Thank you so much, Nythcar :)

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06 Nov 2010 excellent ranking Stars (unregistered)

She was extremely patient and caring. Nice person to talk to.

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03 Nov 2010 excellent ranking olivia28

Fantastic reading! She really connected to me and my situation and REALLY talked to me. I have a load of thanks for her!!!

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18 Oct 2010 excellent ranking varillion

things are just getting better and better in my life right now. thanks nythcar for sensing their energies so right and giving my the other perspectives:) i feel calm...

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