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Amazing Native American Psychic Reader Raquel


Let the native American Psychic guide you and give you truthful insight to your life.I will give you 100% honest and accurate answers, I am not here to waste you time but to listen and help you. I can give you insight into any areas such as Love, Career, Children, Family, Sex Life, Broken Relationships,RELATIONSHIPS, PAST – PRESENT- FUTURE, Deceased Love ones, Spiritual Life, and Addictions. I Can tell you weather or not the person you think about will CONTACT YOU! I will take time to pray and meditate with you, I will never rush things. I believe all my clients deserve my full attention. I am not here to bring you down, but here to lift you spirits about the situation you are facing. I DO NOT USE A CRYSTAL BALL OR WEAR A SCARF ON MY HEAD! I recive all my insight from within and from the Angel Spirits. I will not ask you to buy any candles or crystals, money is not my objective. My objective is here to help you, I AM ON YOUR SIDE. My gift is not something I picked up from a book, I was CHOSEN.

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I highly specialize in LOVE, bring back an EX and restoring marriages. Do you feel like your marriage is on the rocks? Or your relationship has lost its spark? Do you miss your ex lover? The way they use to smile, the affection they had for you? Do you miss their voice? Their phone calls? You’d do anything just to get a simple hello now wouldn’t you? I can bring back your ex, restore your relationship and marriage and more! I know how hurt you are, I know where youve been, I know what your feeling. I am here to listen and help! THERE IS HOPE, I AM YOUR HOPE! You miss how happy you were when you were with them. I CAN RESTORE YOUR HAPPINESS AND JOY! Be reunited today with your soulmate! Destiny is knocking at your door will you answer?


I have very many years of experience, I have helped Friends, Family and Strangers who I now call my friends. When you become my client you also become my friend. I was born and raised into the Native American lifestyle, since the age of 5 my mother would teach me how to become intune with the spiritual world. My mother and a long line of women in my family are light workers, psychics and spiritualist. The women and I would meditate and pray for over 8-15 hours a day. Gaining insight from the spiritual world. I Would carefully look at the stars and moon every night and study what the spirits were showing me. I have helped over 362 Clients over my life time and counting! (lol) I am 99.9% Accurate not (99%) BUT 99.9% 100% REFUND GURRENTED! I do not work from outside of a church as other psychics say they do, I will not ask you to buy any supplies, I will not ask you to buy candles. I am a true genuine psychic,spiritualist, and LOVE specialist.

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Languages: If I am offline send me a message for a free 5 mins! I will get back to you!

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