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Hi, I’m Natalia, I’ve Helped Many from All Walks of Life, I am Here Now to Help You. I Offer My Psychic Powers and My Deep Knowledge as Clairvoyant Psychic and Healer to Provide You with Professional Services. I’ve Succeeded Where Others Have Failed. I Have the Gifted Ability to Tell You of Your Situation Without You Saying a Word! I help in all matters. I’m a Natural born Psychic, Clairvoyant, Spiritual Life Coach and Love Specialist with Over 38 years’ Experience, I am Kind Caring and Non-Judgmental, My Readings Are Specific Accurate and Honest. I Will Take You by The Hand Helping You to Let Go of Past, giving you Necessary Tools to Turn Obstacles from The Present into Steppingstone That Will Lead You to a Path of Happiness! Let’s Start a Journey Together That Will Give You the Answers You’ve Been Searching For contact me now!

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I come from A lineage of very spiritual empathetic men and women, psychics, powerful healers and mediums. I was born with this gift! It was past down to me from generation to generation. Through my American Indian heritage!


I’m a Nature born psychic. My specialty love and relationships. I only use tools on request. Tarot reading, Astrologist and Spiritual life coach. Licensed adviser with over 38 years of professional experience, I have my own psychic and mystic shop. I have worked for many 900# phone psychic companies, I’ve also worked for L.A. PD for missing people and homicides and now I open my doors to the Internet community with my services as a Gifted Intuitive Psychic!

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22 Jul 2019 unsatisfactory ranking maddox1

Not for me.. felt like wasn't paying attention

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05 Jul 2019 unsatisfactory ranking mynameismaria

Ok, so I am actually not at ALL negative. I am THE opposite, but I am DEFINITELY a skeptic when someone begins to tell lies. And this is what she did when things didn't pan out as she predicted. This woman claimed that someone I know has a curse and then provided a bunch of NEGATIVE information about potential doom for someone I know. I told her I don't believe in curses and that while I believed some of it, most seemed like a load of bs. I am willing to provide transcripts for you to see how this woman is really not working from love and light, and to make matters worse, apparently she can not handle feedback. Not all feedback will be positive - it's a fact of life. I merely delivered negative feedback because it was merited here. I NEVER leave negative reviews but this woman not only deserves one but a handful of them. That's really how bad she is -- do NOT waste your money. It's a scam.

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04 Jul 2019 unsatisfactory ranking mynameismaria

gave me a big time runaround. she actually was fairly decent at first and read accurately into my situation. however, as time went on, i noticed she was shifting her story in order for her predictions to match up with what i was telling her. i confronted her about it. she was kind and offered a refund but then she blocked me after i approached her about it. nice lady; her timelines never really panned out for me and her predictions didn't come to pass at all, but she was very nice to talk to.

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19 Jan 2019 unsatisfactory ranking alex223

Just 7 days ago She seeing contact, meet and relationship with him.TODAY she can't see anything on us due to his fear of commit and others because it's easier for him to be with others but he loves me.Are you READING this... and what you THINK...?lol.No ONE single answer but just exuse and expiration. I am not stupid if I don't see.He is back to ex wife and END OF THE STORY.

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14 Jan 2019 unsatisfactory ranking alex223

Was good but week after follow up...was nonsense.

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