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Reconnective (Full Spectrum) Healing for Chronic Disease, Chakra Clearing and Complete Restoration


(HEALING ONLY NO PSYCHIC READINGS) The Reconnection is a comprehensive spectrum of Vibrational frequencies with the power to catalyze spontaneous healings. Embodying universal intelligence that surpasses technique and technology, these frequencies are accessible to those who encounter it, regardless of spiritual orientation or prior experience with healing.

I’m not one to complicate what is meant to be simple. Healing does not look like anything. I can only work with you if you are "willing" to let go of beliefs that tell you what to expect and what this will feel like. Healing is a mystery and that must remain intact for there to be a result. The result is who "You" have "Decided" to be when you go and lye down and "Allow" the Universe to simply Be with you. I am not the one healing you nor is the Universe/God. We are however all involved in this equation. But it is "You" that "Allows" all of us to dance in harmony.

Send me a message to discuss what is in your heart. We will go from there.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

I studied and received a certificate with Dr Eric Pearl who teaches Reconnective Healing all around the world. I have had many clients who I have worked with who have serious illnesses that have dramatically turned around many times right after the session. I have been doing this since 2007. I have seen many people with all sorts of ailments not always life threatening. Depression and physical pain have been successfully overcome in sessions. Often we just need someone to talk to that won’t judge us. I am happy to talk to anyone who is curious about this process or is hesitant. I understand the sensitivity with all of this. I will not charge you to talk to you.

The Universe is the one you are meeting with and they are the ones that we all are constantly in step to be close to for the healing we need to move forward in balance. I will guide you to a Psychological space of expectant awareness that allows you to receive whatever is in your best interest according to your guides and higher self.


This type of healing energy and experience has been said to be very palpable in general. Most have said it takes them into a deeply relaxed state of bliss. I have never witness a negative experience from this interaction. It is up to you though truly.

Most recently, I worked with someone who had bulging discs in her neck and was feeling pain as we went into the session. Afterwards she very clearly said that the pain was minimized almost totally and the same goes for the gastritis pain she felt. She came to the session prepared to give up what healing looks like.

I have helped painful ascension symptoms to be cleared showing up as different types of physical pain. Whatever is the issue, the permission slip that you give your self is one that will enable you to receive healing. I will hold the space and it will seem as though I am sending it to you, but truly it is you sending it to your self disguised as me via the Universe. Message me to initiate the session. I look forward to hearing from you.

In Love,

Joshua Zack



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