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Enchanted Psychic Answers to All Your Life Questions - Online and by Email. Psychic Energy, Tarot, Photo Reading and Spell Casting Work Undertaken. Specialist in Love Guidance and Sensing Current Energy Patterns Affecting All Aspects Of Your Life.


Specialist Energy Reader, I sense the current pattern and flow of positive and negative energies in all areas of your life, and predict how they are likely to manifest in the future.

Love and relationship advice is a speciality, but any aspect of your life that is bothering you or causing you issues, I can look at the energy surrounding it and ‘feel my way’ to the resolution. I use photos as cues to trigger these readings wherever possible.

Is my boyfriend cheating? Will he call? Does he love me? How is she feeling? Will me and my ex get back together? Will I get a new job? Will I find a new lover? Who is my soulmate? When will it happen?

I undertake tarot card & spell casting work if requested, but not for any negative purpose. Protection and power spells are the most effective in my grimoire.

I can provide enchanted charms and amulets for luck, protection, love, confidence, power, etc. but I will NEVER try to upsell any of my other services or product unless you specifically ask me for details.


I’ve studied magick and the occult for over 20 years, and own over 1,000 textbooks on the subject. Have performed thousands of readings since early teenage years.

This is a way of life for me.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

I cast my first spell when I was seven years old, although I didn’t realise I had.

After a full day of teasing from the bad boy at school, I stared intently at our fire place through the tears, and chanted over and over: I want to be friends, I don’t want to be sad.

The next day he came over to me in the playground, I was still full of fear. He said he was sorry he made me cry and asked if I wanted to play. We’re still in touch with each other.

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

I once had a dream about a guy I didn’t know. I wanted to meet him desperately. I scribbled a bad picture of him, and stuck it on my door. For my amusement alone, I scribbled the words ‘He will be my friend, oh yes!!!’ on the bottom. I even knew his name, and wrote it on there.

Less than three months later, we shared a bottle of wine together in Chicago at 4am. The impossible is possible.

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

I often dream about people before they come into my life. There’s always that awkward moment where you wonder: did they dream about me, too?

Then you spend the rest of the evening trying to remember the dream, and trying to remember how you were meant to help them, and trying to still appear completely sane.

Doesn’t really work. I go for barking mad from the outset these days.

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Astral travel. Yes. Absolutely. What is it you want to know?

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

My whole family has a strong history of magick. My Great Aunt believes she accidentally killed her annoying neighbour when she forgot to end a black magick spell she had in progress against her. I am also a bit forgetful, and this is why I only do good spells.

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

I prefer to do readings by email and online chat. This is because I am a listener and not a talker. Doing things via email gives me more time to absorb what’s going on – doing things by chat, unless it is an appointment in advance, I may well end up flying by the seat of my pants. That’s no good for either of us: I feel guilty, you feel ripped off.

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

I keep the weirdest hours. There are no set times for me. I don’t sleep until my body tells me I need to sleep.

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Just write to me or click on Leave Me A Message. Don’t be embarrassed – whatever the question, if I can help you, I will help you somehow or other.

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