Nataliea D. Lynn

Mayan Astrology and Spiritual Counseling


Services offered: Mayan astrology, radiethesia, chakras, Mayan Science Classes

I’m able to give you answers to questions about a wide range of topics like compatibility with love, career, location, health criminology and more…with the use of radiesthesia and the Mayan Calendar.

Bookings fill up quickly, so make your appointments now.

The benefits of readings: clear insight, direction and inspiration. Helps you live your life to the fullest. Readings give clarity and it’s a fun activity for individuals as well as entire families.

It is so much fun…so what are you waiting for?

An opportunity of a lifetime… Mayan Astrology Readings: This personalized reading reveals compatibility, talents, characteristics, past, present, future influences …and more!

What is needed? day, month and year of birth.

It usually takes 1 hour to complete the astrology reading. Thirty minutes is also very informative.

Readings are available: In English and Spanish.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Studied Vita Therapy and Radiesthesia ( use of pendulum ) with NMD Dr. Edith Brow Colorado 1992

Studied Mayan Science & Astrology with Carla Cofino and Jose Coutino, Antigua Guatemala 1998-2000

Certified in Reiki and Sound Vibration healing a technique from Tibet for opening chakras and cleaning energy. 1999 Florida EEUU


Backround and Education: "Cosmic Sister" Nataliea D. Lynn, born a descendant of the Black Foot Saiyiks Native American Tribe, Italian, Irish,Hungarian,Czechoslovakian, German and Prussian. She comes from a long line of painters. Interested in the ancestors and mystical spirituality since her childhood, she permanently relocated to Costa Rica at age 18. Where she then began investigating Native traditions in Costa Rica…This lead to a journey to Guatemala in 1998 where she ends up meeting her future Mayan priest teachers. Cosmic sister was so impacted by her personal astrology reading with these priests that she bought their book and returned to Costa Rica to embark on an adventure of a lifetime…translating this book: "The Mayans People of the Time". Studying the Maya K’iche traditions revealed to her that the teachings of the Mayans and the Native Americans of North America are similar in many ways. She was initiated astrologist/aq’ii’j. A’qii’j is a title given to those respected nobles who manage and make ceremonies according to the Mayan calendar. " I translated the information to make sure that I agreed with the principles of this science because the reading rang so true to my heart." This lead to return trips to study in Antigua and the translation of yet another sacred prayer document. All of which Cosmic Sister greatly enjoyed! She agrees with the principles of this science and is enthusiastic to share the knowledge with others!

The astrologist lives in Costa Rica and does readings: written, in person, by mail, phone and worldwide . She also teaches Mayan science classes and is contracted for international conferences, criminology investigations and for problem solving.

She’s available to help you with these services in private!

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Languages: English/Spanish

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