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Warmest Wishes to all My name is Karina i am a gifted psychic with over 15 yrs of experience In love& Relationships

FAST typist, Detailed answers And honest advice

Will always make sure you understand, I do not confuse or judge my clients, all questions are good questions. :)

I will make sure you’re satisfied.

This gift runs very strong in my family making me a 5th generation psychic, this gives me the ability to help you in all areas of your life. I have been helping others for many years to work through the challenges through life, love, and career. I have helped others to mend broken marriages, reunite lovers, and find their soul mates. I am able to answer all questions honestly and accurately and will only give you straight forward answers so please be prepared for the truth and only the truth. Please note that I am non-judgmental and you may ask me anything without having to feel embarrassed or uncomfortable

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Making the best decisions can be difficult, especially when you’ve been down the wrong path many times before, but with the proper spiritual advice/guidance you can finally rest assure knowing that you have confidence in what’s going to happen, I Offer Psychic Readings That Can Look Into A Specific Situation & Provide Insight Into Your Life, Giving You Not Only Answers But Also Solutions. I Provide You With The Answers You Need To Regain Control And Balance In All Aspects Of Your Life.

((Let my spiritual ability’s Connect with your Situation.. I will analyze your situation, by looking in to the Past – Present & Future pinpointing exactly where the blockages are coming from and solution’s for these blockedges and negative energies. Get advice on what course of action to take…

*Spiritual therapy Reuniting/Lovers* Love/Relationships/sex/Marriage/Divorce*. Career/Finances. Family/Children. And so much more..


(Licensed) Astrology Reader

I work using candles, oils, incense, crystals, chakra balancing
I have proformed and mastered treatments healings and creating commucation lines to the spirits of living/dead.



Anger Managing-






Astrology Reading’s- Dream Analist- Love Advisor- Aura cleansings-


-Tarot card reading’s 25.00

-Crystal Reading’s 15.00

-psychic Reading’s 15.00

-Chakra Balancing 25.00

-Aura Cleansing’s 35.00

-Astrology reading’s 15.00

-Love spells 25.00

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