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As a Psychic, I am "your" servant and always your friend. As a Natural-born Psychic Empath, I use my gifts and talents to help you reach your full potential. I use many tools to help you find your way, including Tarot cards. Cards are just another medium that I use; they are perfect in some cases for defining the past, present and future. You can ask me about love, life, money, employment, relationships, sex, past lives, or any topic. What is my impression of a current situation? As an Empath, I understand that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. As spiritual beings, we all have the ability to fix or change the future by understanding the past and having insight for the future. All my life, I have been gifted with the ability to tune into other people’s emotions, life paths and spiritual needs. I have the wonderful ability to use the tools gifted to me as a way to tap in to the messages around us. I work in a very nonjudgmental way, I am very open-minded, and I never criticize or overshadow any

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I was born an Empath; I have always used my gifts to help people. I became the minister of UEH (an alternative Spiritual community) in October 2008. I then left in April of to seek further education of a “Spiritual” nature. I have just always known that was my true path. I went on to graduate From HMI in 2010… (Hypnosis Motivational Institute) I graduated as a “Master Hypnotist” with advance training in several extras modalities (to many to list). My favorite classes were always the ones centered around “Life Coaching”. It is a wonderful area to study it has given me the power to do the things I love. Let me help you with the gifts we have all been given. I have specialized in the more “Psychic Realm” of classes. Hand writing analysis, visualization, and past life regression therapy are only a few of the modalities I certified in. It has always been my wish to help people. I have dedicated my life to it.


The best day in my life is when I decided to make helping people my profession. It is wonderful to work even part time, as I do, in fields that are dedicated to helping people. (I love my boss at my other work and I have a hard time walking away as we help people there also.) My life as an Empath feeds on the ability to help. The more I help people the more I give to studying the finer points of the art and meditating to seek an even higher level on consciousness. Then! The more I study the better I can help which causes me to seek out even more study. It’s a cycle I have come to LOVE. Doing what I love is the most rewarding thing I have ever done. Getting paid for it has helped me set aside more time to give “it” everything I have. The only thing I love more is teaching others to do the same.

I am currently the leader of a local psychic group in my city. I find being with other Psychics tends to raise my vibration and the vibration of the universe. We always comment on the "energy" in the room when we congregate. We learn so much from each other that I can’t even put it into words.

Teaching has been a wonderful gift to me. I think most of us “learn more” by teaching than all the studying we can do over the decades. My students have been a wonderful gift to me. They give back as much as they receive.

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30 Sep 2011 excellent ranking imaginaryone


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10 Sep 2011 excellent ranking woodhavenapt90

Good reading, very comforting.

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10 Sep 2011 excellent ranking parathy

very helpful and accurate. very patient to answer all my question. very amazing Psychic! Thanks Dear

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