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I provide honest, accurate and detailed tarot card readings on any subject. I’m here to listen and advise, not to judge. I also provide email reading on request.

I read energies as it pertains to the path here and now, I am not responsible for free will of my clients or their people in question, I do not replace advice given by Doctors, Lawyers, etc. To guarantee ANY outcome that comes from a reading, life changes, etc. will not be done. Nothing stands still. I will not be held responsible for decisions made based on readings that are expressly for “entertainment purposes only.”

I also provide consultation and creation in all areas of graphic design. I also have background in writing and editing.

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B.A. English, B.S. Information Technology (Graphics and Multimedia)

If you need graphics or design help, I also have 3 years of experience working in a small marketing office. I can design and assist in the development of posters, flyers, logos or larger format items like billboards.


I have been intuitive nearly all my life but only ventured recently into giving readings online. I’m very honest and accurate with my readings, you will not be disappointed.

“You can tell that Erin spends a lot of time and thought on her email readings. She is very good – although she won’t tell you exactly what to do, she will present the cards in such a way that it makes your decision(s) clearer. She is really wonderful.”

“wonderful, honest and helpful, reading. I was very pleased with the information she delivered and the guidance. Highly recommend.”

“The style with which my reading was given to me was so wonderful. I can’t thank Erin enough for how she presented the answers to my questoins. I don’t feel there was any “sugar coating” just truth. I would so highly recommend her. Thanks. E. P.S. Yes i will contact her again."

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