I am Psychic with over 25 years of experience .I promise to give you true answer concerning love, relationship, marriage, money or career.

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My psychic and clairvoyant abilities are derived from my Celtic background and passed through many generations of my family.


My psychic and clairvoyant abilities are derived from my Celtic background and passed through many generations of my family. My mother has always said that I derive my gift from my Celtic heritage and my grandmother and great-grandmother were both well respected mediums and clairvoyants.

Gifted by the grace of God, I am a natural born psychic. With clairvoyant, clairsentient and clairaudient gifts this means that Spirit communicates to me in words, images and feelings which I translate and share with you. I am a direct psychic and spiritual mediumistic channel. I encourage you to ask questions in return and experience an open channel of conversation. My readings aren’t about proving anything, or climbing the ratings ladder, or being the “top” psychic. A reading is a divine interaction between souls in a search for truth.

Let the insight and wisdom that comes through me guide you and assist you on your pathway in life and help you to overcome any obstacles that may be presently blocking your long term happiness and fulfillment.

My goal is to enlighten, and empower others through awareness, understanding and education. In partnership with Divine Guidance, I strive to be The Pathway that spans the gap between Belief and Knowing. My mission is to be a celebration of healing for body, mind and spirit. My purpose is putting you in touch with yours.

Let’s begin your new journey by looking into your life now. Allow me to help you find the answers to your questions today. I want to help you find your destined path in your career, love relationship, family, personal, and spiritual life. I am happy to assist you through any healing area of your life. Let’s start shutting the old doors that no longer need to be open and exploring the new doors that will soon be opening in your life. Exciting changes are on the horizon for you!

So, why not take the time to have a chat with me I am sure that if you do you will not be disappointed.

Life is an informal school in which we will either learn our lessons, or resist them until we are ready to finally embrace them. I am here to learn, to grow, and to help other.

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