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My services I have to offer ;) Palm readings $10 8 mins half deck Tarot card readings $25 10mins Psychic readings $35 15mins Full life readings $45 20 mins Love/Romance readings $22 15 mins Soulmate readings $55 25 mins Past life Lovers readings $85 30 mins Marriage in twin flame readings $100 no time limit Divorce and separation readings $75 25 mins Crystal ball readings $65 20 mins Chakra and aura readings $125 no time limit

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I love to work with people from all around the globe I am so absolutely thankful for my abilities that allow me to seek othersI have been working with fire water and wind also energiesInsoles therefore I am a licensed and certified Life coach/therapist There is simply no problem too big or too small for me to solve I am here to provide one of you beautiful souls with the empathy and honestyThat you are looking for I will listen and guide you Onto the path that you are looking for where you’re meant to be on Stop feeling like you’re the only one here in the world That’s has confusion also being hurt brokenhearted depression stress unhappy uncompleted ect We all go through something in life And that’s why I’m here to help you on certain occasions that you are unsure about I will lead you on to the right path and give you all the insight you need to know so feel free to connect with me


Hello there my name is gina or u can call me Rose im from California and a Scorpio ♌️ I am a naturally gifted intuitive reader I have been in the spiritual Community for over 15 years now my abilities allow me to look into your past present and future also I’m a clairvoyant I’ve experiencing spirits souls also energies and vibrations as well I’m also a love specialist expert I have reunited Lovers helped find their soulmates or just wondering about that certain person or just wondering if he or she is faithful all I provide clients with is honesty also I am here too Guide you onto the right path offer you advice on any aspect of life such as love marriage Business career finance relationships etc I do happen to own two of my shops located in the center of Los Angeles as well my gifts continue to grow everyday . I became aware clairsentience (clear feelings) at the age of 5 years old and over the past few years I have noticed an increase with my clairvoyance also I have always been a natural born gifted empath as well and I’m a taro expert I am able to pick up strongly on what is going on around you and help you find the answers and the guidance that you are seeking with truth care and compassion Through help of taro I am able to guide you through your most trying and difficult times and find the Truthful and answers that you seek I am compassionate and non-judge mental reader who will treat you with compassion and empathy that you deserve I will draw on as many as my gifts as I need to in order to bring your the clarity and guidance that you need people often complement me on my caring and friendly approach and always find my readings soothing and enlightening I look forward in sharing my gifts with you here thanks so much hope to Connect with you soon love and light to u

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