Ava Lovelace

✴Relationship and Life Advisor✴


Who I Am

I am a natural highly intuitive empath whose mission in life is to help people find real love and healing for themselves and everyone around them.


  • ♥ Love Relationships
  • ❁Life Advice
  • ☾ Astrology
  • ♛Spiritual Advice
  • ✴Dream Analysis

What I’m Not

  • → Medium
  • → Legal Advisor or Lawyer
  • → Medical Advisor or Doctor
  • → Spell Caster, Curse Remover, Etc.

What I Offer

  • ✔️ Honest Advice
  • ✔️ What You Need to Hear & Know, Not What You Want to Hear or Not Face
  • ✔️ $3.99 per minute Chat Only & Only Through This Site
  • ✔️ A Genuine Caring For the People I Help

What I Don’t Offer

  • ⚔️ Anything Fake
  • ⚔️ Refunds
  • ⚔️ Anything More than Advice or Entertainment
  • ⚔️ Free Answers During Brief Introduction
  • ⚔️ Personal Information About Myself or Fellow Advisors

SchließenAbschlüsse und Weiterbildungen:

* I have been providing advice for people in person for the past 10 years

* Online Advisor for the past 2 years

* University educated in the medical field and Psychology

* Studied religions, Philosophy, Quantum Physics, Western and Vedic Astrology


Most of the time, I use no tools at all. I do incorporate Angel cards and Color cards at times, to give me more details on the longer advice sessions.

Important Stuff

  • ➥ Free will is a universal constant & anything I advise you on doesn’t change that.
  • ➥ You take 100% responsibility for your own choices in paying for my services & in if you choose to take my advice or not.
  • ➥ I do Not predict timing of situations since this is not my strong suit & life & people are constantly changing every single second.
  • ➥ I Cannot make someone love you or come back to you. That interferes with free will.
  • ➥ I do not care what other advisors here or on any other site have told you about anything. Everyone has different methods of doing things and beliefs. Find someone who resonates with you. If you like me and my services, stay, and please come back. If you don’t like me or my services, please simply move on.
  • ➥ Respect goes a long way. Please do not come on here bashing other advisors. I am here to judge no one.
  • If you do not pay me, I will do absolutely ZERO work for you.

✴✴✴Last, but not least, I wish all of you the very best life you can have and all of the happiness, love, and blessings in your life. Blessings and Peace to everyone! Thank you so much for your support, love, and helping me to do what my passion is…..Helping all of you.✴✴✴

Ava Lovelace

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